After Lahore, donkey meat now being sold In twin cities

It is alarming for the people of twin-cities as, after Lahore, butchers of Rawalpindi are playing with masses’ lives by selling them donkey meat.

This shocking incident was disclosed when the Rawalpindi police apprehended two men slaughtering a donkey beneath the Pirwadhai bridge in the wee hours of the day.

According to sources, people caught the butchers red-handed in the act and handed them over to the police later. A video of this incident is rolling around n social media in which two manacled men are seen surrounded by many people and police.

The video was recorded by an eye-witness on his mobile, it also shows a dead donkey lying at some distance.

Afterward, for investigation, the accused were taken to Pirwadhai Police Station. The accused then admitted to having been providing donkey meat at numerous hotels and restaurants in the city.  .. Source

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