Adulterated Foodstuff Telling on Chitralis’ Health

Chitral: God has gifted Chitral district with a healthy natural atmosphere, abundance of fresh air, flowing waters, majestic mountains and the serenity which other places yearn for. However, the health of the Chitrali population is not in conformity with the gifts of nature which the place enjoys. Most alarming is the fact that the health standard of the youngest generation is fast degrading.

Refined flour bread naansMain reason for this dichotomy is the usage of substandard foodstuff and counterfeit medicines which are in abundance in Chitral. Food items such as flour, rice,vegetable ghee/oil, snacks, biscuits etc which are imported from down districts are all substandard in quality by default and there is hardly a choice for Chitralis to choose, let alone pick up a genuine stuff. The fake product manufacturing factories of Batkhela, Peshawar, Rawalpindi etc, find ready a market in Chitral and Chitrali traders happily pickup substandard stuff from them on credit and cheap rates.

The result is that Chitral hospitals are full of patients with avoidable diseases such as hepatitis, diabetes, gastroenteritis and other dietary diseases, despite the fact that an average Chitrali gets enough exercise in the form of of walking as a source of communication. .. CN report, 07 Feb 2019

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