Adopting easy Sunnats, ignoring the most important one, why?

CHITRAL: Muslims by default are great lovers of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) and are very sensitive and possessive about this love and affection for him. That is why all Sunnats are religiously observed and adhered to without question.

The importance of observing sunnats is forever emphasized by religious preachers and scholars. Muslims can be seen using miswak, it being a sunnat, keeping a beard, it being Sunnat , baring ankles it being Sunnat, offering nafals etc etc. If looked at it from this point of view everything the Prophet (PBUH) did like sitting, standing, walking, eating, sleeping, etc all fall under the category of sunnat which the prophet did every day.

The sunnat of keeping beard, using miswak etc were normal practices of the time and every person whether muslim or non muslim did this. However the one Sunnat of the Holy prophet which was not common to all but was uniquely attributed to the Holy Prophet (PBUH) was being Sadiq (truthful) and Ameen (trustworthy). This Sunnat was bestowed upon our beloved Prophet by Allah Almighty at the time of his birth and it was based on this Sunnat, when he declared Prophet-hood, the people could not disbelieve him, because he had never lied in his life. Such being the importance of this Sunnat, it is never mentioned by preachers and thus not adopted by Muslims.

We can see most Muslims with beards, using miswak, pulling up pyjamas, drinking water sitting down, etc observing these as Sunnats of the Holy Prophet, but nobody observes Sadaqat and Amanat as being the greatest and most important sunnat. We definitely need reorientation of our preachings and realignment of our priorities, otherwise muslims will continue to be like what the cleric is trying to tell in the video below. .. CN report, 31 Aug 2019

One thought on “Adopting easy Sunnats, ignoring the most important one, why?

  1. is constantly engaged in a modern form of tableegh (preaching) emphasizing upon the core and inner spirit of Islam rather than on its outer ritualistic aspects. We highly appreciate and salute this effort no matter how small the audiences may be. It is absolutely true that we mostly follow those aspects of sunnah which are easy, individualistic and have little bearing in the formation of better societies. If we earnestly follow the collective sunnah-those that can change-our society we will be good, practical and progressive Muslims. Adopting and internalizing the sunnah of the Prophet as being Sadiq and Amin by us will have benefits both at individual, national and international level.

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