Accused turns up as accuser in forced marriage case

Chitral — One Chaudhry Anwar of Azad Kashmir appeared at the press club Chitral and accused Khurshida Bibi, her parents and accomplices of playing fraud with him in the name of marriage. He appealed to the PM , interior minister, CM, IG police DIG etc to hold an enquiry against the fraudulent gang and punish the culprits.

He said Khurshida bibi was given into wedlock to him claiming her to be virgin but actually she turned out to have been married many times before under different names in a fraudulent manner, he claimed. The man said after he left for UK, Ms Khurshida and her gang decamped from his house in Azad Kashmir with gold and currency worth lacs of rupees and then filed a case for annulment of marriage in Chitral court. He said on one hand the lady had filed a case for annulment of marriage while on the other hand she claimed to have been abducted and kept without nikah. He said he had come all the way to expose this gang which is playing with the honour of simple and respectable people in the garb of marriages. — BH Azad, 26 Aug 2016
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One thought on “Accused turns up as accuser in forced marriage case

  1. This is another picture of fraudulent marriage in Chitral. The question arises where are the workers of social organizations like Chitral Welfare Society? The local citizens particularly the young generation is requested to hold the responsibility to safeguard the honor and culture of Chitral. Sultan Wali Khan, Gneral Secretary, All Pakistan Chitral Welfare Society, 54-WASA Colony, Gulshan-e-Ravi, Lahore

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