Accused in forced marriage drama emerges vindicated

Chitral — The erstwhile accused of forcibly keeping a Chitrali girl without marriage, Chowdry Anwar Hussain of Azad Kashmir has at a press conference thanked the provincial and district govt in helping the AJK police arresting two people namely, Said Gul of Uchust and Abdul Hamed of Ayun. He said the fraudster gang had fooled him into marrying a Chitrali girl and then later helped her decamp with his valuables and belongings from his house in Azad Kashmir. He said the girl and her parents should also be arrested and interrogated as according to him they were also accomplice in the case. He again warned Chitralis to watch out and increase vigilance against crooks and criminals who trade off Chitrali women in the name of marriage with ulterior motives. — BH Azad, Chitral 28 Aug 2016

5 thoughts on “Accused in forced marriage drama emerges vindicated

  1. This should be a lesson to all the people who are into this business of providing girls from Chitral. All parties involved,are bringing bad name to Chitral and its people. Instead of being known for its beautiful landscape, Chitral is known in Pakistan for supplying cheap young wive’s, which I’m sure is not something that Chitralies can be proud of .

  2. The basic reason why parents marry their daughters to outsiders without sufficient verification is POVERTY. Poverty in Chitral (specially amongst hitherto white collared families now left behind in the economic run) is far deeper than what appears on the face of it. Poor families with daughters virtually want to get rid of them by giving them away in marriage, because there are not many opportunities where the girls can work and earn and are considered a liability in the house. Girls should be encouraged to be productively occupied. Then there would be no hurry to wed them away to any Tom Dick or harry from down country.

  3. This is a very critical situation of social crime prevailing in the District of Chitral of KPK province. A similar case has already been registered by a Tokhowich woman who was sold out on the pretext of marriage to some outsiders at Rs. 6.00 lacs. The aggrieved woman, later on escaped and reached Chitral. The grievances elaborated by the affected woman of Tokho Tehsil, Chitral are more than what has been stated by her. This ugly practice of selling poor girls to the old aged persons of Punjab is very common since long.
    It may be recollected that about 20-25 years back , we the Chitralis living in Lahore had been running a social organization named as “Chitral Welfare Society” to combat the social evils like this particular case. We also got released two Chitrali girls after court orders of annulments of their so called marriages. We also carried out village to village campaigning against this ugly practice and distributed literature and news paper clips in terms of awareness in the young generation. Consequently, the young men in Chitral is today very active and they have established local Societies in their areas and monitor such events and satisfy themselves before finalization of the marriage ceremony.
    As far as this particular case is concerned, there are some unscrupuloous Chitrali people involved in the dealmakers who have been pointed out in FIR as M/S (1) Hameed Khan of Ayun, (2) Said Gul of Uchusht, Chitral, (3) Qari Saboor and (4) Qari Nemmat. Unfortunately, the culprits have not been arrested by the Chitral Police which reflects the slackness of District Administration.
    We, the Chitralis here in Lahore request the DCO, Chitral as well as KPK Government to conduct proper investigation into the matter to ensure enforcement of law in virtue of justice to the affected family.

  4. @Sultan Wali Khan : Don,t even talk about the Khotek woman who appeared in press few days back brother. Few day back her husband came to Chitral and arranged press conference. His message is enough for us to recognize ourselves who we are??. he spitted on our face in fact. The woman (his ex wife) is living in rented house in my village, Jughoor. It has come to our knowledge that she was married to 7 men before the present one, she uses alcohol, chars and is a professional. We have to be thankful to the people who take away such dirt out of Chitral.

  5. Dr. Khalil Sb, you are giving comments in the press. So, the contents should be careful. The social evils of our society should not be exposed in the press. To combat such activities, I would like to request again the young generation to come forward and play effective role in the society.

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