Abolition of death penalty

The recent decision of the Federal cabinet to commute all death sentences hitherto awarded by competent courts has come as a shock to the nation. Death penalty is a part of Pakistan’s constitution and in line with Islamic principles of Justice. Death penalties where awarded, are done so after years of legal proceedings, giving ample chance to the accused to prove his/her innocence.

Death penalties are awarded to criminals who have committed murders or other gruesome crimes and such penalties cannot be done away by a stroke of the pen. It is believed that the Government has taken this step to appease the western powers. If that be so, it cannot be more unfortunate for the country.

We are a sovereign country and need to frame laws according to our beliefs and culture. Shoddy obeisance of all dictations from the western powers is leading this country towards doom. In the 1980s such supplication to the wishes of the United States gave us the culture of militancy which was unheard here before.

During the last eight years the Multinational companies through their agent the ex PM Shaukat Aziz perpetrated economic policies that further widened the wedge between rich and poor and further damaged the fabric of the society.

Now the new government is, in the name of giving relief to the people actually giving relief to criminals, by abolishing the death penalty. If mass murderers, hired assassins, terrorists, traitors, marauders and the kind are to be given relief, then ‘God save this country’.

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