A young girl’s compassion for mistreated chickens

Hello everybody and my topic of writing is about the treatment meted out to poor chicken.  I know a lot of people like eating chicken, as a matter of fact, even I do. But today I went outside and to the chicken market and there I saw cutlers. Over there I saw how the chickens in the cage were treated. People were just throwing them around like mercilessly. Some chicken tried to escape, but couldn’t. The people over there were  throwing the chicken like they were not living things. Also by this time, all the chickens had lost a lot of feathers on their wings from all the throwing and hitting. I really hated watching that, but what could do? So the message I want to spread is that without animals, we would be in a state of disaster.
Even if you want to eat something, you should at least be gentle and kind instead of throwing the animals around like maniacs. Are we humans or maniacs? I don’t understand what’s happening to this world. And I am not saying that don’t eat chickens, God made chickens for us to eat, but please do not treat them like lifeless garbage. So, I request you all to take notice because animals do a lot for us and we need to be thankful to them. Thank You for reading this article and I hope that this will be a thought provoking article for all of you who are reading.
Thank You for understanding that we need to take more care of our earth resources. This is all we have got.
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26 thoughts on “A young girl’s compassion for mistreated chickens

  1. Weldone duaa jani…proud daughter of Chitral… keep it up.. really appreciate your thinking and agree with you..

  2. Both the thinking and articulation are outstanding. The realization at the age of 12 indicates that a better generation is going to replace us. In other words, future of not only human beings but also all living things is in the safe hands. Much appreciated Duaa ❤.

  3. Great piece Duaa; keep it up! Thank you Chitral News for giving an opportunity to writers to spread awareness and share their thoughts.

  4. I am so impressed by your expression and compassion. I so agree with you Duaa, the way we treat these innocent creatures is questionable. However, you give me so much hope. I am sure that your generation is going to be more kind to animals and will prevent cruelty against animals.
    Keep writing and raising your voice for the voiceless. Stay blessed

  5. Thank you princess Duaa for your wonderful thoughts. We love eating chickens but don’t bother to treat them well. Keeping them in filthy cages with no care at all is an inhumane treatment of animals.

  6. Dear Duaa,
    Excellent start of voicing for the voiceless, articulation of the compassion is much appreciated, keep sharing and caring …. Stay blessed

  7. it was a great pleasure to see, Such a beautiful views of writing, as well as a great message throwing.
    Thank you Duaa the great, keep it up and want to see your next beautiful thoughts of writing as soon as possible.,😊

  8. Well done Dua Jan! YES, IT IS HUMAN RESPONSIBILITY TO TAKE CARE OF ALL CREATURES OF GOD…Keep up writing more articles.. Wish you success..

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