A welcome change: Cleric preaches ‘Huqooq ul Ibaad’

CHITRAL: Jamat Islami party held a week long Fehm e Quran (understanding of the Holy Quran) preaching session starting daily after fajr prayers for 90 minutes. Prominent scholar Molana Muhammad Ismail was the preacher.

What made this preaching week different from the usual and standard preaching sessions one experiences everywhere, was that the preacher solely dwelt on the rights of human beings (Huqooq ul Ibaad) throughout his preaching lessons.

It was indeed a breath of fresh air and a true narrative of Islam. As a rule, such sessions restrict the preaching to human beings obligations towards the rights of Allah Almighty (Huqooq Allah) which in other words means performance of religious rituals, but completely ignore the rights of Humanity and Allah’s creations as ordained in Islam. The result is before us.

Molana Ismail clearly mentioned that anyone under the impression that committing sins against huqooq ul Ibaad and then hoping that the sins would be washed off by saying prayers, going for Haj or performing other rituals are? mistaken, as Allah Almighty in The Holy Quran has clearly said that He would not forgive sins against huqooq ul Ibaad.

Participants thanked the Molana for clearing their concepts and vowed to try and honour ‘huqooq ul Ibaad’ from here on.? .. CN report, 25 Sep 2019

4 thoughts on “A welcome change: Cleric preaches ‘Huqooq ul Ibaad’

  1. He addressed the shopkeepers and said they should not store and sell adulterated and fake stuff, he asked the lawyers not to pursue cases on knowing the case is false and unjust, he asked the doctors not to prescribe medicines of companies which give them commission or gifts against better medicines available in the market, he asked government servants not to demand bribes, he asked teachers to carry out their duties honestly. These are the things that need to be stressed by every cleric. Thankyou Maulana Muhammad Ismail

  2. The great Ismail sahib is a towering figure and a full bright scholar… yes, we must be responsible and accountable to our creator first then a great deal of loyalty we must show to our society, govt and towards the living things on earth as Ashraful Makhluqat.. and then only as nation we will definitely progress.

  3. This act of Molana Ismail sahib is immensely appreciated and we hope his preaching about the rights of human beings and good deeds will certainly create a positive change in our society and will keep people away from indulging in acts harmful to society. The respectable Molana sahib must keep the noble work up for some time instead of this being one time activity.

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