A tribute to Maula Nigah Nigah

I would like to add my voice, as a scholar who has been working on the Khowar language since 1986, to the voices of Chitralis living both at home and abroad to express our grief at the death of Maula Nigah Nigah Sahib. He departed this world far too soon and has left a great void in the cultural and literary life of Chitral.? His unparalleled knowledge of traditional Chitral culture and the richness and nuances of the Khowar language have been a boundless and irreplaceable source of inspiration for all Chitralis and well-wishers of Chitral. In addition to this, he was a scholar of Persian, a rarity in this day and age, who produced a translation into Urdu and commentary on the diwan of Baba Sayyar.? This was published in 2006 by the National Language Authority. ?His Khowar poetry ranged from romantic ghazals to topical nazms in which deep thoughts lie behind a humorous expression.
I pray for peace for his soul and courage for his family to bear their terrible loss.? May his spirit continue to inspire younger and coming generations of students, scholars, and poets to continue the work he was so devoted to.? .. Elena Bashir,?Chicago, USA 08 Jan 2019

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