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A run on on pointers at the ‘sacred cows’

CHITRAL: Of late there has been a spate of writings and speeches pointing critically at the two ‘sacred cows’ of the state, i.e  the Military and the Judiciary. The two institutions have constitutional protection against criticism and hitherto no one could openly discuss them. however, as the world is changing rapidly and social media is leading the revolution of free expression, dramatic changes have been observed in this regard. Even religious scholars of th same sect are appearing on video channels and criticising each other, something never heard before.

The Jamat Islami parliamentary leader, Senator Mushtaq Ahmad has expressed his feelings vehemently in the parliament and the recent conference of Lawyers and Judges remembering Asma Jahangir, where speakers openly criticised the performance of the two institutions are eye openers and issues worth pondering.  .. CN Editorial, 21 Nov 2021

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