A new dump of Pakistani debit, credit cards leaked online

As we?reported earlier, BankIslami hack was done through a dark web forum, where information on Pakistani banks? debit and credit cards was sold.

Group-IB, a security threat meditating firm specializing in financial sector, is now saying that a fresh dump of Pakistani credit and debit cards is now made available online and anyone could buy it to steal funds from customers? accounts.

Message posted on the forum reads that the new dump is updated till October 31st, 2018 and can be bought after 11AM (New York Time) on November 1st, 2018.

According to sources this dump is now up for grabs and it is likely that a buyer is going to be making moves during next few hours.

We are yet unclear about the size of the dump, and that what type of cards are there in the dump.

Also to note, it is likely that dump might contain cards of multiple banks.

Security experts have strongly recommended the financial institutions to keep a close watch on international transactions, particularly for those that follow a pattern.

Few Pakistani banks have already disabled financial transactions done from abroad. They are rejecting any sort of transaction done from overseas. Customers, however, are given a choice to re-activate their overseas transactions by calling the helpline.

Banking customers are also strongly recommended to get their online and overseas transactions deactivated, particularly if their sms alerts are not enabled.

More importantly, it has become a must for financial institutions and the law enforcement agencies to determine the source of dump. If not worked out now, the leak would keep happening down the line as well.? .. Source

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