A nation of compulsive liers

Telling lies is one of the cardinal sins, strictly forbidden in any religion of the world besides being a despicable act in all civilised societies. In Pakistan, it is unfortunate that telling lies has become an acceptable norm and is practiced with impunity day in and day out by all sections of the society according to their own aptitude and capacity.

Although, the sin of lying can be seen and felt all around in the society but it becomes more painful when political leaders unabashedly lie in front of thousands of people, particularly while claiming the figure of attendance in their public meetings.

The latest case is the PPP jalsa in Karachi. Speakers from the stage announced that there were one million people in attendance while independent sources put the number at a maximum of one lac. There is got to be some rationality in claims, even on the political field which has become synonymous with hypocrisy.

One lac against one million means 1000% difference. How on earth can that be possible! Another example of the same kind appears at the Lahore meeting of PAT where the PAT organizers claim 75000 chairs been placed in the stadium while independent counters put the figure at 35000.

Will we ever admit that we have become a nation of compulsive liers and that we must take concrete measures to curb this mother of all sins.

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“The truth is like a lion; you don’t have to defend it. Let it loose; it will defend itself” -Augustine

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