A mess on the horizon

This is about the withdrawal of the US/NAATO Forces from Afghanistan where Ashraf Ghani is at the helm of affairs and has developed a type of administrative machinery and hopes to stave off or include Taliban in his administration to run Afghan government. The idea is fair but facts are bitter and there might be a mess over the power as who is to rule. The Taliban have successfully imposed their will on US na d NATO and forced them to leave the country in shambles.

It is a great humiliation for the super power who was beaten to the heels in VietNAM, Korea, Sudan and now in Afghanistan, Ashraf Ghani is a guest of a few months, Abdullah and Dostum are hounds and may resume their old tactics. The Talibanhave rendered meritorious sacrifices and highly trained and the poorly Afghan Army in no position to face Taliban for long- may desert the Ashraf Ghani regime and join Taliban within weeks.

A new wave of civil war is on the horizon and a new wave of refugees is to be seen via Khyber pass and other clandestine routes. Pakistan has to be ready to receive another exodus of homeless refugees or seal all possible entry routes well before the great exodus. No body in Pakistan is now willing to welcome the refugees as done in the 80s. we are fed up with their past conduct and the problems that they brought with them.  .. Prof. Rahmat Karim Baig, Chitral 20 May 2021

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