A historical day for democracy in Pakistan

Dear Sir,
Today in a joint session of the Parliament the PTI government with the support of it’s coalition partners passed some key bills. For the First time in our democratic history our overseas Pakistani were given the right to vote during our general elections. Our overseas are our real heroes and national asset. In future 18 million overseas will be able to cast there votes which is a huge blessing for our democratic system. During each testing times our overseas have proven there worth and importance. Whether there is a national calamity (floods,earthquakes,IDPS issue or fund raising) or charity our overseas have been leading from the front. Our fragile economy depends very heavily on there foreign remittances. Before this government the overseas were the most neglected fragment of our society.

Similarly in another bill the government passed the EVM bill(electronic voting machine bill).This will ensure sanctify and transparency of our voting process. I don’t remember since our independence the losing party accepted the results of the election results with grace and humbleness. There is always allegations of stolen and tempered of the results. During his playing days as a cricketer Imran Khan for the first time presented the idea of neutral umpires for the transparency and spirit of the game.As a visionary leader he took the initiative to ensure the transparency of our electoral system This is a difference between a statesman and a political leader. The was no sense of priority and urgency to address this issue before him..in my humble opinion these reforms are for our coming generations and they have great impacts on our political system. While on the contrary in past most of priority during decision making were given for power politics as a result damaging the political culture of our country. .. Sarwar Kamal, Chitral 17 Nov 2021

One thought on “A historical day for democracy in Pakistan

  1. The best thing is to abolish ‘democracy’ as it stands today and implement ‘Meritocracy’ as the system to form a government. However as long as that is not done, the next best thing is to have Electronic voting system so that traditional ‘hera pheri’ in elections is done away with.

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