A great step for improvement of governance taken by PTI government

Chitral: The information minister of PTI government has announced the decision of the government to abolish quota system in appointment of petty employees. According to the announcement all appointments of class 1 to 5 employees will no more be done at the discretion of the MPAs, MNAs etc but instead there will be open balloting for the posts amongst all the applicants who fulfill the basic criteria. This, though appears a small step but is indeed a big leap in bringing fairness and justice to the governance system. At present there is a nasty rat race between aspirants of such jobs to get the favour of the concerned MPAs to secure a job. The recent case of acrimonious debate between the two MPAs of Chitral in this concern, is a glaring example of the foul system that exists.

The announcement by the PTI government in this regard is ray of light and will bring a gleaming change in the way the general public thinks about the government. Those party workers whose sole aim is to grab jobs off the quota of elected representatives will also be discouraged and moved to trash and only genuine people who work for a political party to see genuine overall change will continue. The general public will develop trust and hope in the government and every body concerned will be satisfied in this way.

The only fear is that the government should not retreat on this policy or take a U turn on it (like it has done in many cases) due to the expected resistance to the change from the elected members. .. CN report, 18 April 2019

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