A good augury for Chitral

It was a pleasant surprise for all in Chitral to hear that a delegation of local political leaders including the district Nazim, the MNA, the tehsil Nazim and available leaders from all political parties jointly met the visiting provincial senior minister to apprise him of the power crises in Chitral. No wonder the power supply situation improved the very next day,testifying the strength that lies in unity and good faith.

Chitral has been unfortunate in that during the past over half a decade, there has existed bitter contrariety between the two frontline political leaders ie the sitting MNA and the Ex MNA, resulting in severe damage to developmental work in the district. Though the two have personally benefited from this pseudo confrontation by getting public attention and free blind support from opposing camps, but it has harmed Chitral by blocking the process of rational thinking and the culture of doing politics on merit. Instead it has helped promote the politics of hatred and polarisation which Chitral can least afford.

The latest step of political leaders vowing to work jointly for the collective interest of Chitral will surely earn them respect in the eyes of the people. Our political leaders must not forget the time old adage which says: “There is no limit to what a man can achieve provided he doesn’t care who gets the credit”.

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