A case for the Presidential System in Pakistan

Rooted in British colonial legacy, the parliamentary system of government has continued to fail. Given Pakistan’s political realities, the presidential system might deliver better results

Pakistan adopted the parliamentary system of government primarily because prior to the coming into force of Indian Independence Act, 1947, the sub-continent had a system based on Westminster parliamentary democracy. The colonised people of sub-continent got themselves virtually enslaved to the ostensibly dazzling parliamentary form of government without comprehending its consonance with their values, needs and heterogeneity as distinguished from homogenous society of the United Kingdom. The parliamentary form of government hinges upon the conventions and traditions of the British constitutional law.

One thought on “A case for the Presidential System in Pakistan

  1. When there were only 313 Muslims in the world they had no trouble in coming together, joining hands with each other to establish the first Islamic state. Was there a King or a Ruler? No. None whatsoever. So how did the system work? The people were Muslims as such showed the Kalemah in their deeds. Through democratic action of all, they acted according to the way shown by the Almighty thus became responsible citizens. Responsible for running their state through Peoples’ Jumeeyah and Shoorah. The ideal way to run a country. They were only 313 in number who brought about the establishment and running of the Islamic State. Today there millions who claim to be Muslims, yet not one Islamic State to seen anywhere in our world? Why?
    Those 313 proved by their deeds to be Muslims whereas the millions today prove by their deeds NOT to be like those who were Muslims.
    The way to create an Islamic State is in the hands of those millions. They all should realise that those 313 stablished the Islamic State through their unity i.e. Jumeeyah and co-operation and self help. All those millions in number need to make themselves Muslims like those 313 souls. Muslims by proving to be abiding by the Kalemah they recite, in their deeds.
    Muslims obey the Almighty only and since the Almighty commanded them to obey the holy Prophet (saw). Muslims need to obey no other man than the holy Prophet (saw).
    To create the foundation of an Islamic State in every locality, every qusbah, every Muslim must work to create their Jumeeyah i.e. Union of the people, by the people, for the people by making it their ritual to come and meet others of their neighbours regularly.
    Once they start meeting others to co-operate and to work collectively to bring about welfare and security for the everyone living in their neighbourhood they shall be on their way to achieving a welfare state.
    If the people at large will not be prepared to become Muslims and create their Jumeeyah and Shoorah, slavery of all the slave takers we see ruling all over the world shall remain their fate. To bring about the change, the people need, is in the hands of no one but the people themselves. The soonest people throughout the world realise this, the better for them. No one will come from anywhere to change the pitiful condition people bring upon themselves by their inaction. No one came to change the condition of those 313. They changed it themselves. Likewise all those millions will need to work to change their condition themselves.

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