70-year-old double amputee successfully climbs Mount Everest

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Xia was successful on his sixth attempt (Everest Today)

A 70-year-old double amputee has climbed Everest.

Xia Boyu, from China, succeeded on his sixth attempt to climb the mountain and reached the summit today, March 14, alongside 13 other climbers.

Xia ascended?Everest?along with the Imagine Treks and Expeditions team, led by Sherpa Minima Gyalje.

The achievement is incredibly impressive considering Xia?s initial attempt ? 43 years ago ? resulted in severe frost bite which required the amputation of both of his feet.

He later lost his lower legs to blood cancer.

Xia would not have been permitted to complete the climb just a few months ago.

Controversial regulations introduced by the Nepalese Government, which banned double amputees, blind people and solo climbers from scaling Everest, were revoked a short time before his successful sixth attempt.

Chinese double amputee climber Xia Boyu, who lost both of his legs during first attempt to climb (AFP)

Earlier this month an Australian man became the fastest climber to scale the highest peaks in seven continents, taking 117 days for a feat popularly called the ?Seven Summits?, after he scaled Mount Everest early on Monday, his expedition company in Nepal said.

Steve Plain, 36, from Albury, Australia, reached the 8,850-metre (29,035-foot) peak of the world?s tallest mountain after climbing more than seven hours from the final camp, at the 8,000 m (26,246-foot) South Col, to claim the record.

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    1. Nothing is impossible to a willing heart. 70 years old disabled Mr. Xia won the race and disability lost the race. There is great lesson for our youths if reflect on it.

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