64 TLSC teachers & staff want replacement of Principal

CHITRAL: 64 teachers and staff of the Langlands school and College have through a resolution demanded replacement of the School Principal Mme Carey Schofield by 9th October failing which they will boycott classes and launch protest. They also demanded dissolution of the sitting board of governors and the school be taken over by the government and government educational policy be implemented.

Meanwhile a high level meeting chaired by the Chief Secretary KP and attended by members of the Board of governors and DC Lower Chitral considered the matter at length and said a follow up meeting would be held next week on the matter. Meanwhile the meeting decided to support the existing setup during the interim period and resolved that no one would be allowed to take law in their hands at any cost.

Though reportedly many teachers and parents of students support Mme Carey’s performance as principal, but their point of view has not come up as vigorously in the media compared to those who are opposing her. .. CN report, 04 Oct 2019.

5 thoughts on “64 TLSC teachers & staff want replacement of Principal

  1. The teachers and students want implementation of government education policy, which as I know means cheating and all kind fraud and corruption be allowed. The first ‘state education policy’ was implemented by late ZA bhutto in 1975 when he ordered to promote all students of class 5 and 6 without undergoing examination. Those ‘genius’ students are now heads of departments or have retired now and what they did or are doing, we all are well aware of.

  2. One of the finest educationists of Chitral, Prof Masud Ahmad was extremely unpopular with the teachers and students because he did not allow cheating in exams or other indiscipline under his jurisdiction. He retired as principal Govt degree college Chitral with his head high, never succumbing to pressure or compromising on principals.
    Regarding The Langland School, no doubt there should be an inquiry into alleged financial irregularities, but if the principal is being chastised for bringing discipline and order to the school, then it is most unfortunate for the society. https://chitralnews.com/great-educationist-bows-head-high

  3. Zahid Ahmad you mean that educational policy of Pakistan should not be implemented in Pakistan? And there nothing to promote cheating, and you can bring a single instance that teachers like cheating in School.
    The three demands of teachers are:
    1. The Principal Carey Schofield to be removed and an educationist and professional Principal should be appointed.
    2. The school should be taken over by the government and implement the education policy of the State of Pakistan.
    3. The so called BoG of school should be dissolved.
    Can you contradict and raise such a point which is unjust.

  4. Dear Editor, I beg to urge you with reference to your report that there are few people and students coming on the list of beneficiaries, and they are supporting Carey Schofield . The strength of them is equal to salt in flour.

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