5 Pakistani Cities Named Among the Hottest Places in the World Today

As a severe heatwave continues to grip the country, 5 Pakistani cities have been named among the 15 hottest places in the world.

At the time of writing, Nokkundi, Dal Bandin, Peshawar, Sibbi, and Jacobabad are the hottest Pakistani cities and have recorded extreme temperatures.

According to details, Nokkundi has recorded 48°C and is the 2nd hottest place in the world. Dal Bandin has recorded 47.5°C and is the 7th hottest place worldwide.

Peshawar and Sibbi have recorded 47°C  and both are the 8th hottest places in the world. Jacobabad has recorded 46.5°C and is the 11th hottest place worldwide.

Overall, Arafat, Saudi Arabia, is the hottest place in the world and has recorded 48.2°C.

Let’s take a detailed look at the 15 hottest places on earth today.

Sr. No. Place Country Temperature Rank
1. Arafat Saudi Arabia 48.2°C 1st
2. Nokkundi Pakistan 48°C 2nd
3. Nuwasib Kuwait 47.9°C 3rd
4. Ibri Oman 47.8°C 4th
5. Tabas Iran 47.7°C 5th
6. Iranshahr Iran 47.6°C 6th
7. Dal Bandin Pakistan 47.5°C 7th
8. Peshawar Pakistan 47°C 8th
9. Sibbi Pakistan 47°C 8th
10. Bandar-e-Dayyar Iran 46.6°C 10th
11. Jacobabad Pakistan 46.5°C 11th
12. Omidieh Iran 46.4°C 12th
13. Ahwaz Iran 46.2°C 13th
14. Buraimi Oman 46.2°C 13th
15. Zabol Iran 46.1°C 15th

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