They say ‘good relations….’

.. by Prof Rahmat Karim Baig

A high US official has been quoted saying that they want to maintain the old ‘good relations’ with Pakistan in future. This has been reported by print media on the eve of the foreign minister’s visit to that country. This is a vague statement and used on certain occasions to beguile the political heads of many of the backward states where the US has to re-enter for secret motives. This has happened in many countries such as in Korea, in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran, in the middle  east etc. The good relations is an euphemism and refers to the interests of the US  but not the particular backward country where the interests lie.

Pakistan has been stung by US many times like a scorpion, just because of the poor interpretation and comprehension of US State policies, by our political leadership, that are carried out by CIA. Our political leadership right from Liaqat Ali Khan, has been dictated by CIA and have got their designs materialized by threats, intimidation and inducements. The wrong path had been taken by the early leadership of Pakistan after Muhammad Ali Jinnah. Those leaders had been pulling each other’s legs and the tug –of-war led them to be close to US for coming into power. The Martial Law of Ayub Khan brought them closer by military gifts and consignments from the great devil who was busy in the cold war and got an area in Badabhir, KPK, to send aircrafts for espionage over the USSR. This was detected by the Russian Intelligence and one warning from that country was enough to dismantle the US Base. Were we i.e. our leadership doing a good work.? This has not been forgotten by Russia even to date.

When Indian troops had invaded East Pakistan in 1970-71 the US policy was on top of hypocrisy. They did not consider the Defense Treaties but let Indian invasion free to hit her Ally as badly as she liked. Was it an example of the so called ‘ good relations’. The US government is an unreliable, untrustworthy, malicious rascal with nefarious designs to harm any country and we have to disengage ourselves from her tricks. The expectations we foster are not good for our future. We have to be focused on self reliance. W e have to develop a number of the sophisticated  technologies of the present competitive age and should overtake in some disciplines to be able to stand on our feet instead of dependence on one country or another. The present foreign minister is nothing but a puppet of no value. The US uses such men for her own purposes.

We have to adopt austerity, reduce our regular expenses to the lowest possible level. Shun luxury items, devote ourselves to hard work and set example of self reliance. We have also to be very much vigilant as we are surrounded by enemies who have penetrated into our society and disturb the peace of the country and a threat to the stability of our State. They are to be eliminated and the political parties have to lead in honesty, sincerity and national integrity. A very simple life is to be adopted at national level, without being puppet in the hands of CIA or RAW or any other mischief monger. The political leaders have to set example.  The present scenario is  lamentably pessimistic and the leaders are the puppets and have been involved in sending delegation to Israel in recent days and now try to negate their mistake,  on the dictate of the US and this is the first show of their dishonesty with the emotional aspect of the nation.  .. Prof. Rahmat Karim Baig, Chitral 01 June 2022

One thought on “They say ‘good relations….’

  1. The people at large shall keep on remaining under the slavery they get due to their inaction. Thieves and robbers are active when the people sleep.
    Thieves and robbers shall remain active for as long as the people will sleep.
    Thieves and robbers will disappear when the people at large will show the miracle of waking up from their Opium induced slumber . The Opium that people must be led by a leader i.e. mislead-er instead of joining hands with each other to come out to work collectively for their own good by becoming responsible citizens.
    The worst thing people do is to leave those matters into the hands of for i.e. a leader, what they need to solve themselves by organising their Peoples’ Union in every locality, every village etc. Whenever the people achieve the miracle of self confidence and come ot to help themselves the change shall for the better will certainly come. The people need to change their habits to bring the change. The people at large must learn to give up arrogance i.e. boastfulness en mass. Giving up arrogance shall help people unite.

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