Electoral Democracy crumbling even in USA: Time to switch to ‘Meritocracy’

CHITRAL: Fiasco visible in the US elections is a proof that Electoral Democracy is capitulating under it’s own weight even in one of the biggest and most advanced Democratic country. The countinuos degradation of the classic electoral politics is visible, whether in India, Pakistan the USA, or elsewhere.  It is time that the world switches over to Meritocracy as a lean, efficient and viable system to form governments for the collective betterment of humanity ... CN report, 05 Nov 2020

One thought on “Electoral Democracy crumbling even in USA: Time to switch to ‘Meritocracy’

  1. There is no doubt that democracy as a form of government is proving fragile the world over and recent U S elections are example in this regard. Powerful civil society and robust institutions have saved U S from a likely civil war. Hence Meritocracy appears a better option now.

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