Withdrawal of subsidies welcome, provided it starts from Top

Chitral: In the face of approaching the IMF for begging a bailout from the financial crisis, the IMF has asked government of Pakistan to remove or reduce all subsidies. This may be necessary and the compulsion of the time, however the removal of subsidies should start from the top. Removal? of all subsidies provided to the MPs, Ministers, CMs, MNAs and MPAs at their lodges and cafeterias and other areas such as free medical facilities, utilities bills, free air travel etc etc. This should also apply to all executives enjoying undue perks and privileges at the government expense.

Only when this is done will help the common man understand the upcoming hardships and will realise that he is not the only one who is facing hardship but the government officialdom is equally paying its share. .. CN report 11 May 2019

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