What Muslims can do for Islam and what they can’t do!

CHITRAL: Muslims can wake up in the wee hours of the morning on a chilly dawn and wash themselves with icy water by way of ablution and then walk to the mosque in freezing temperatures to offer prayers behind the cleric. Muslims, even the feeble, malnourished and underfed can observe eighteen hours long fasting on a hot and sweltry day. Muslims can pay their lifelong savings to the Haj broker agent to go and perform Haj. Muslims can kill others and sacrifice their own lives for the ‘love’ of the Holy Prophet (PBUH). Muslims can go to any length to prove themselves good muslims but alas and unfortunatrely, Muslims cannot cannot practice honesty in their everyday lives. Muslims cannot refrain from telling lies, cheating others, exhibitting hypocricy, offering/accepting bribes, adulterating everything including live saving medicines and foodstuff for wanton greed of money, cannot show compassion for the weak, cannot try to become ‘sadiq’ and ‘ameen’ for the love of Islam.

Why is all this? Simply because the preachers of our religion have locked in their priorities like that. They emphasise on prayers so every one is a prayer goer, they emphasize on fasting so nobody dares miss a Ramazan fast, they emphasize on Haj so, it is everybody’s dream to perform it as many times as he can. Many Muslims want to become ‘ghazi’ by killing anyone who has been disrespectfull to our Holy Prophet (PBUH) and other Muslims parade him on their shoulders chanting slogans and giving him the status of a hero,. If we can go to such extremes for the love of Islam, why can’t we live our normal routine lives according to the teachings of Islam for the love of Islam, vis a vis  live an honest, upright, truthful life and display strength of character specially where self interest and financial matters are concerned. Again the answer is: Because we are not guided and preached to do that nor is any emphasis or importance laid on such matters.

The life of a new born child is like a plasticine. It is moulded by the parents, teachers, preachers and elders. A child turns into an adult in conformity with what he/she has been taught and demonstrated. If we only emphasize on rituals and ignore practical life rules we will have the society we are having. I’m sure nobody is satisfied with what we are having. So what to do?. Simple! revisit and rearrange our priorities for a better serrvice to Islam and the world. .. CN report, 09 Nov 2020

8 thoughts on “What Muslims can do for Islam and what they can’t do!

  1. Muslims have so much potential to sacrifice for Islam e,g offering fajr prayers in cold winters, fasting in hot and long summer months etc. If they are motivated to lead honest daily lives, they would do so also.

  2. The biggest challenge for everyone is to prove by his/her deeds that he/she is indeed in practice of the religion they claim to belong to.
    What can Jews, Christians, Muslims etc.etc. can do? They prove by their deeds, to be what they claim to be.

  3. By pointing out the contradictions of Muslims in their practice of daily life, you have done a great service to society by posting this great article with the good intention of stirring the conscience of the ritualistic Muslims who hardly consider good deeds important in Islam

  4. This is so true. This is actually the root cause of all the problems that we are facing and we as a society need to talk about it. We need to revisit our religious priorities.

  5. A True picture of Muslim is drawn here.
    Except for practicing religious rituals Muslims have done nothing for humanity.
    Few days back once my family member was inside operation theatre for gallbladder surgery, sitting outside I was thinking that is there any contribution of Muslims for this facility?
    All diagnostic equipments have been invented by non Muslims, all other facilities have been promoted by non Muslims. Without these facilities a human can die any time. In spite of that we claim that we Muslims are super nation. Afsos!

  6. سال میں ایک تبلیغی اجتماع ایسا بھی ہونا چاہئے جس میں مرنے کے بعد کے بجایے مرنے سے پہلے کی زندگی کے طریقے بتایےجائیں

  7. Believers comment that Muslims fight for Islam and die for Islam but do not practically follow teachings of Islam. Practicing regularly like prayers, fasting, zakat, Haj/Umra is meant for refraining us from all bad deedsand evil practices. We should see how we are refrained from bad deeds along with offering prayers and how we are paak after offering zakat and fasting. Preachers no doubt preach us for good deeds i.e. for making our matters (Drustagi Muamilat) correct, but we do not. Ebadaat Muamilat ki drustagi k lea hai.

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