Waiting for a VIP

Chitral: A meeting was called by the district Nazim Chitral and MPA to review the preparations for the forthcoming Shandur festival. Elected Nazimeen, heads of different organisations, unions? and civil society members were present on the occasion. The most prominent point of consensus in the meeting was that it was an occasion when Chitral’s problems could be presented to the VIPs visiting the festival -? This is a display of a rather unhealthy and slavish mindset indeed and it has been the hall mark of Chitral for decades.

What has a festival got to do with presentation of problems? Are the VIP’s unapproachable on normal days or more still are our institutions useless and we have to rely on a VIP’s visit/whims to solve our problems? The answer unfortunately is Yes!.

Whether we like it or not we have to acknowledge that Chitralis as a people suffer from low self esteem. Instead of toiling out and standing for our due rights where needed, we prefer to stoop for aid, help, grant, assistance etc which in other words can be called an addiction for easy money.

The Shandur festival is a blessing for Chitral as it promotes the area and the sport. It should be left at being that. Flattering of VIPs or presenting a long list of problems to the visitors may pamper them for a moment but in after thoughts? it certainly does not leave a good impression on them. Let the visitors enjoy the festival and go. Problems should be taken up through proper channel of approach later on. .. CN report, 04 Jul 2019

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  1. Afghanis are living in Chitral since 40 years and Pathans even longer. We have not learned their good traits i.e they do not look for any kind of aid or help but rely on their own selves to eke out a living and in doing so many have risen to great (financial) heights. If chitralis start relying on themselves instead of ‘VIPs” they would end up much better off.

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