Tourists visiting Chitral complain of holdups at Lowari tunnel

CHITRAL: After the lifting of Coronavirus restrictions, tourists have started moving into Chitral in large numbers as they have to other touristic areas of Northern Pakistan. However some tourists talking to CN were very sore about being held up at the Lowari tunnel while coming up. They said never anywhere do they stop people for so long saying it is tunnel close time etc or road close time or anything like that. Chitralis being used to taking such nonsense may not complain and consider the very presence of a tunnel enough of a blessing, but tourists who are free people not used to being subjected to such rough treatment felt very bad about it. Tourists also complained about the poor condition of roads in general and said they will not visit Chitral again until the roads are improved and the torturing wait at the tunnel is finished off. .. CN report, 13 Aug 2020

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