The female weightlifter from Pakistan who is also a PhD scholar


Women empowerment might still not be where it needs to be in Pakistan, however, it has started bearing its fruit. From business to sports, women have been standing on equal terms with the men. There?s still a long way to go, but, the positive results can be seen across all sectors.

One such woman, who has been challenging stereotypes in the country is Kulsoom Abdullah, who is a professional weightlifter.

She is a Pakistani-American and the only woman to represent Pakistan in multiple weightlifting championships across the globe. And she pursues her dream of weightlifting while keeping a balance between sports and family life.

Kulsoom Abdullah, a Ph.D., an engineer & the only female Pakistani weight lifter who competed in World Championship! A proud moment for us.
Her journey was tough. But she didn’t settle for anything less.
She is indeed an inspiration for all of us especially our young girls.

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An engineer by profession, Kulsoom is a Ph.D. scholar and she is the first Muslim woman in the world to compete in an international weightlifting event while wearing Hijab.

She did her Ph.D. in Electrical/Computer Engineering at the Georgia Institute of Technology after her bachelors in Computer Engineering at the University of Central Florida.

She is indeed an inspiration for young girls who want to achieve their dreams despite limited support from family.

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