Pushcart vegetable vendors virtually takeover Chitral city roads

CHITRAL: Despite a large police force including traffic police seen in uniform all the time in the bazars, Chitral city’s main bazar roads are at the mercy of pushcart vendors selling vegetable and fruit. The number of these push carts is multiplying by the day with vendors coming up from down districts to enjoy the weather and do a lucrative business. Although these pushcart vendors are useful in controlling prices and countering the monopoly of shopkeepers, but the nuisance they create for traffic and pedestrians over weigh the benefits. It is a challenge for the District Administration, The TMA and particularly the newly appointed DPO to control the push cart vendors. The pictures show pushcarts at the Ataliq chowk, the more spacious area in the bazar, taken at an off peak hour of pushcarts which are double than those shown, in rush hours. The push carts block the entrance of banks located in the area stubbornly and don’t budge even after telling them to move. To solve the problem, a designated spot can be allocated to them in an open space away from the roads where they can continue their business but not be a nuisance to traffic. .. CN report, 14 July 2020

 .. CN report, 14 July 2020

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