Presidential system of Govt, around the corner now

Chitral: With refusal of the country to take off even with an honest leader at the helm of affairs, the powers that be have seriously started to worry about it’s future. Researchers and well wishers of Pakistan have come to the conclusion that as long as the present parliamentary system continues, there is no chance of improvement in the state of affairs. Every way you look at it, Parliamentary system has proved a failure. It has created the culture of constituency politics where individuals are unduly glorified irrespective of their fitness for the job. It has encouraged pressure groups in the form of regional, ethnic and religious parties who have all through blackmailed the system to their personal advantage acting as shackles to the progress of the country. The Parliament is full of incapable people being elected again and again on the basis of their hegemonic hold on their constituencies. Some parliamentarians are almost illiterate.

The Pakistan army which defeated terrorism when it honestly tried to do so, is now equally honestly concerned about the faulty system of government in the country which is not allowing the wheel of progress to move forward despite the country being blessed with so much resources.

Movement for adoption of a presidential system has been soft launched by the patriotic powers of Pakistan, with the social media being used as a primary tool to promote the idea. The name Presidential system has been laced with the prefix of ‘Islamic’ making it read ‘Islamic Presidential System’ to appease the Mulla who would like it and support it in the hope of getting some halwa there too. It is another thing whether attaching the name ‘Islamic’ to anything makes it more Islamic than going to the garage makes one a mechanic. The variety of Islamic political parties, assortment of Islamic banks, the Mecca Colas, Madina stores, Alhaaj contractors, etc etc are but some evidences.

Pakistan is at a turning point of it’s history. Previous rulers, particularly Ziaul Haq and Pervez Musharraf got the opportunity but wasted it. This time the transition should come democratically through a national referendum. Today’s age of awareness due to media power makes it easier to educate the people to adopt a change which they need badly. .. CN report, 08 Apr 2019

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