Power outages increase despite increase in Golen Gol water

CHITRAL: In the last few months power outages in Chitral had risen to absurd proportions and the reason quoted for the same was that water flow in the Golen water channel had decreased thus slashing the output of the powerhouse from 118 Mw to only 5 mw.
This itself was unbelievable because when survey is carried out for a powerhouse, it’s minimum output capacity in the worst case scenario is considered and no sane engineer would design a powerhouse which falls in production from 118 mw to 5 mw in winters. However Chitralis being simple people to quieten and pacify, reconciled with the excuse. However now that spring season is midway through and water in all channels and streams has increased substantially, the frequency of power outage instead of improving has deteriorated further. What is the excuse now, is any body’s guess. .. CN report, 12 March 2020

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