Pakistanis among the top 10 angriest people in the world

The Gallup 2019 Global Emotions Report is out with a list of countries where the people were most stressed, worried, or angry in 2018.

According to the report, Pakistanis are among the angriest people in the world. Pakistan ranked 10th?on the list, as 38 percent of its population declared to have experienced a lot of anger.

Moreover, the angriest population in the world is from Armenia with 45 percent of its people feeling angry. Iraq remained the second angriest nation with 44 percent, followed by Iran and Palestine with 44 and 43 percent respectively.

Most Angry Populations in 2018
Country Experienced Anger %
Armenia 45
Iraq 44
Iran 43
Palestinian Territories 43
Morocco 41
Turkey 40
Niger 39
Chad 38
Libya 38
Pakistan 38

Turkey also made the list with 40 percent of its population experiencing anger.

In the list of most stressed nations of 2018, Greece stood the top with 59 percent of its people feeling stressed. The US also made the list, becoming the 7th?most stressed nation with 55 percent of its population feeling stressed.

Most Stressed Populations in 2018
Country Experienced Stress %
Greece 59
Philippines 58
Tanzania 57
Albania 55
Iran 55
Sri Lanka 55
United States of America 55
Uganda 53
Costa Rica 52
Rwanda 52
Turkey 52
Venezuela 52

Gallup 2019 Global Emotions Report

Gallup Global Emotions Report measures the intangible aspects of human life, i.e., feelings and emotions that never make it to the economic indicators like GDP

Most Worried Populations in 2018
Country Experienced Worry %
Mozambique 63
Chad 61
Benin 60
Iran 59
Portugal 59
Cambodia 58
Niger 58
Togo 58
Brazil 57
Guinea 57
Tunisia 57

The report includes positive and negative experience indexes and lists the countries accordingly. The positive experience index asks people if they felt well-rested, respected, and jolly yesterday. It also asks people if they learned or did something new or enjoyed their day yesterday.

The negative experience index asks people if they experienced any physical pain, worry, sadness, stress, and anger the day before the survey.

The 2019 report took into account adult citizens from around 142 countries and areas in more than 151,000 interviews in 2018. As per this report, 71 percent of people across the world experienced a lot of enjoyment a day before the survey.

The country that marked the highest Positive Experience Index score is Paraguay with a score of 85 while Chad had the highest negative experience in the world with an index score of 54.? ?.. Source


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