Pakistan on way to become world?s largest olive producer

Experts say that Pakistan has more than 3.5 million hectors suitable for tree plantation, particularly for olive growth.

Pakistan is ambitious to beat Spain and become the world?s biggest olive producer. We are working to increase olive production to help in reconstructing the economy.

Suitable for cultivation

The country has more land suitable for olive cultivation than Spain. Currently, Spain is the largest olive producer in the world.

While talking to a media source, Agriculture Expert Kamal Haider said that:

?Every year Pakistan imports over $2 billion worth of edible oil?.

Moreover, the backbone of the country depends on agriculture; but very little attention has been dedicated to it.

However, Kamal Further added that it is good to know that a silent revolution is underway. Farmers of the country are now planting olives. This will not only help farmers to be a source of revenue but it will also strengthen its economy. It will let Pakistan save billions on imports of edible oil.

One Million Olive Trees:

The Government of Punjab launched a program to convert Pothohar into an olive valley in 2015-16. Under the project, 1 million olive trees have been planted in the area of 800 acres. Since then 750 farmers had benefitted from the project.

The potential of olive production in Pakistan is great. It will not put the country on the map of oil-exporting and olive producing countries. It will also raise revenue for poor farmers.

?The olive crop is a very useful and beneficial product for this region because this is a sort of place where you don?t have many water resources?

Spain is the largest producer of olive with an area of 2.4 million hectors under cultivation. Experts say Pakistan has more than 3.5 million hectors suitable, particularly for olive growth. Moreover, the olive will also help to mitigate climate change.? .. Source

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  1. Hope this happens soon. We will be able to use pure olive oil for cooking instead of the present fake cooking oils made from soap, dead animal intestines, hazardous chemicals, etc.

  2. “Pakistan has the Third Largest Donkey Population in the World”

    Damn it!, I thought it was the first!

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