MNA Versus MPA; Bad Tiding for Chitral’s Progress

Dear Sir,
Through your esteemed news/views website I wish to draw attention of readers to an ongoing verbosity between the MNA Chitral and MPA Chitral (minorities).
As per what I read, the MNA telephoned the minority MPA warning him to restrict himself to matters of minorities and not interfere in the affairs of Muslims. The MNA however says he only asked the minority MPA to not to interfere in postings and transfers.
If the former’s allegation be correct, then this is a very serious case of dragging religion into petty politics. Whether it be the MNA or the MPA, both have been entrusted to carry out public representation in developmental works irrespective of creed cast or religion. People want service and whoever serves humanity will be welcomed by them whether it be the MNA or the MPA minorities (in this case). I hope MNA sahib will show maturity and not make statements which he cannot defend later on, and it also becomes difficult for his supporters to justify. .. Muhammad Nawaz, 30 Jan 2019

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