Love marriage ends in tragedy; Boy killed, girl goes missing

CHITRAL: A twenty eight year old young man Waqar Ahmad belonging to Eezhh village of Garam Chashma tehsil was found dead by the road side near Shali gol on Chitral Garam Chashma road.

The person had contracted a love marriage with a girl from Kohistan about a year ago reportedlywithout the approval of the girls family and the couple were living in the deceased boy’s village. A family from Kohistan came and settled in EEzhh sometime back and developed cordial relationship with the couple.

The couple along with their Kohistani friends were last reported travelling to Chitral for medical checkup of the deceased’s wife. However contact with them was lost and next morning dead body of the boy was seen lying on the road side while the girl along with the Kohistani family went missing. Investigations are underway.

As per the latest update, the dead body of the missing girl has also been found by the river side at Shali. The companions who were travelling with the deceased couple and who are suspected of being involved in their murder are still absconding. .. Muhkamuddin,? Chitral 30 Oct 2019

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