Lawyers condemn refusal by Army chopper to evacuate critically ill ex DBA president

CHITRAL: President District bar Association Khurshid Hussain Mughal, Chairman Human Rights Foundation Niaz A Niazi, accompanied by other senior lawyers addressed a press conference at the Chitral Press Club, in which they condemned the act of refusal by concerned Army authorities to rescue and evacuate a critically ill prominent Chitrali and senior lawyer who was two times former President DBA.

They said? that the Helicopter was returning to Rawalpindi empty but despite pleading for evacuation of the sick person who needed to reach a proper hospital for immediate surgery of his brain hemorrhage, the request was turned down which was a cruel act, and the person succumbed to his illness for lack of timely medical attention. They demanded from the Chief of the Army Staff to order an inquiry into the matter which has saddened the whole of Chitral.

They also demanded financial compensation for the family of the deceased lawyer who was stranded in Chitral due to closure of roads and being unable to reach down country for timely treatment. The lawyers also criticized the district administration for callousness and inaction in this matter. .. CN report, 17 Jan 2020

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