Imran’s austerity intentions, opening signature for a New Pakistan

Chitral: A problem that has always been overlooked but that has plagued Pakistan since it’s early days is the culture of living beyond our means. Our rulers have shamelessly been accruing debts and grants and living lavishly on these debts, without caring about their repayment. International and internal debt liability on the national exchequer has swollen to such an extent that we are about to sink under these debts and loans. Begging for more loans to even pay interest of the earlier loans is now the only option left with Pakistan.

At such a juncture, the announcement by the Prime Minister to-be, Imran Khan, that he will incorporate austerity measures in the government is a good augury. Starting with personal example of sacrificing the Prime Minister house, relinquishing the nauseatingly exaggerated protocols enjoyed by former prime ministers, cropping the size of the cabinet are some examples which are very encouraging.

Embracing austerity measures by the prime minister will have a salutary effect across the society as people tend to emulate their leaders. The word austerity had become alien to our society just as the word ‘corruption was deleted from our dictionary until Imran Khan inserted it back into the book. Similarly the word ‘austerity’ would also become respectable with the people when their prime minister practices it. .. CN report, 04 Aug 2018

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