How to bring peace to the world

Chitral: The world has always been an arena of perpetual warfare dating back to the begining of history. The nature of wars were different then as what they have ended up to be today. Then, it was the survival of the fittest in the literary sense of the word. There was no such term as ‘common sense’ at that time and brute force was the only asset a person had to have to survive. Civilization has come a long way since then. Human being has transcended many borders and scientific developments have made human race a much refined? and intelligent being than before.

It is surprising that despite all the advancement in human aptitude and percipience, there is still threat hurling and chest thumping going on in the world. Irony is that most countries involved are poverty ridden, down trodden and those prodding them to fight each other are the weapon manufacturers.

If the weapon importing countries of the world join together and boycott the import of weapons, the world will be a peaceful place in no time. The money used for buying weapons is enough to feed and support all the people of the world. The competition between countries would then be for the progress of their people and higher human achievements than wasting their intellect and resources on manufacturing weapons meant for destruction of human beings. A video post produced below, by an Indian anchor, in this context with particular reference to India Pakistan issue, is worth watching .. CN Editorial, 19 Feb 2019


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