Giving credit to Imran Khan

Dear Sir,
The Present Prime Minister, came to power bringing with him a gleam of hope and positivity for the general public specially the youth of the country. How much has he been able to deliver on his promises and resolutions is not what I want to discuss here ,as all can see that and judge for themselves.

The only thing I want to focus on is that through his ferocious campaign against opponents, one thing has become clear that Pakistan has thus far and still being ruled by thugs and robbers,. The vicious name callings and fault findings among the politicians has exposed them like never before. The pots and the kettles have started calling each other black after all.

As a tradition politicians would superficially be opposing each other with rhetoric in public meetings, but behind the scenes they would be patting each other’s back. ala “aaj hum kal tuhmhari baari hai”. With Imran’s ‘no holds barred’ approach to political confrontation, all the dirt present in Pakistan’s politics including his own party, has been thrown up in front of us.

It will not be easy to have their cake and eat it too, for traditionally oriented politicians who have turned Pakistan’s politics into a big source of achieving financial gains. ... from: Muhammad Nawaz, Chitral 20 Jan 2021

2 thoughts on “Giving credit to Imran Khan

  1. Very true. Until now scavenging the country was done in a hush hush manner, and looted booty was conveniently digested. Now everyone is an accountability bureau in his/her own right. The Media is a vigilant watchdog and people are more conscious of institutional dacoity than ever before. Though dirty language has also come in sadly, as the price for talking hard, but all politicians have been stripped down at least. Today, Pakistan needs well intended rough and vigorous handling, instead of living with compromises and hoping that people including politicians and civil/military bureaucracy will become ‘good boys’ by themselves.

  2. As is the fact and will always remain a fact. A fact until the people, yes the people who pay the price of their delusions. The lethal delusion that the change will come from just one man. The change has never come, all these years of false expectations, will never come. Yes never. So people need to stop expecting the change to come from any man or a woman. The change will certainly come, yes absolutely certainly, when everyone wanting the change, embarks upon launching a vigorous campaign to shake and wake up people around them whom they can access easily. The campaign that needs to be driven through the head of the people is to stop. Yes stop for ever, having that false expectation for the change to come from anyone, other than the united and co-operative efforts of the people themselves. Everyone including people in the media need to share in propagating this holy campaign. So if all people do not wake up from their sweet slumber they shall see nothing but thieves and robbers being active around them. The thieves and robbers are in business when people sleep.
    Similarly when people will sleep leaving those matters that they need to address, themselves, will not be solved. Never. Not until the people who could solve their problems themselves, sleep expecting one man to solve them.
    For example, everyone wants justice? True? How will justice become a commonly found practice if everyone will not make an effort to uphold justice thus making it a commonly found practice.
    So the need is to launch a campaign to invite people to come out. Come out of their houses, during their free time, in the localities where they live, to come to join hands with each other to organise themselves into a peoples’ co-operative, consultative committees.
    The people will learn hell of a lot by coming together and learning from each other as to what they have to endure. Thus through their united efforts enforce the rule of virtues through their practices and eliminate vices through their practices. Working together upholding sanity, justice and peace.
    Failing the above people will leave the way open for the thieves and robbers to do what they are doing today, shall continue to do so with no end. Th people have been expecting for see a Pakistan which they shall never, never see.
    They shall never see just because they do not want to pick up the path that will take them to a Pakistan.

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