GB mountaineers set to challenge Terich Mir peak

CHITRAL: A group of fifteen mountaineers from Gilgit Baltistan have set off to conquer the Terich Mir peak in northern Chitral. Terich Mir mountain at 25289 ft is the highest mountain in the Hindukush range and ranks 33rd amongst the world’s highest peaks. It is one of the rarely scaled mountain peaks.
The first time Terich Mir was scaled, was by Norwegian mountaineers headed by Arne Naess in 1950. Ever since very few expeditions have chosen Terich Mir as their choice peak to attempt mainly due to the peak being a difficult target and lack of supporting infrastructure in the area. The fifteen member team is lead by Saad and includes renowned mountaineer, Muhamad Ali Sadpaara of Skardu. .. BH Azad,  04 Oct 2020

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