Chitralis Hope For a Better Living Standard in 2019

Chitral: The people of Chitral are by nature humble, un-demanding, and? generally happy with their lives in whatever condition they be. If the NGOs had not ventured into the district in the early 1980s, and pumped some money in the district, the condition of the people would have been probably even worse than that of neighboring Dir district. The governments of the past have hardly made any efforts to uplift the people.

Case of the Lowari Tunnel is a glaring example. Started in 2006 and declared 99 percent complete in 2017, the tunnel is still dangling in an ugly incomplete manner. It’s funds were diverted twice by earlier two Prime ministers and no body even said “ouch”. Could it have happened in any other district? The state of roads is still probably one of the worst in the country.

However, despite the past gloom, Chitralis being optimistic by nature are looking forward to a better year ahead. The government in place enjoys the trust of the people and comparing it to previous governments people are hopeful it would do honest business with Chitral and that the people will see a true uplift of their living standards in 2019.? .. CN report, 31 Dec 2018

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