Chitralis hail opening of trade routes with Afghanistan

The customs stations are being established in these areas.

The officers of Peshawar customs collectorate have visited the two border areas in the last couple of months for assessment of various aspects of the opening of customs stations to regulate trade with Afghanistan.

Both routes remained open to trade with Afghan provinces of Kunar and Badakhshan until 1990s making both Gobor and Arandu areas business hubs and thus creating job opportunities for the residents

The Gobor route was the largest source of revenue collection for the district council in the form of octroi tax on the items brought in from Badakhshan, including gemstones, dried fruit, livestock and carpets, while a large number of items were sent from Chitral to Badakhshan.

Chitralis hopeful about poverty reduction, prosperity

Chitral Chamber of Commerce and Industry president Sartaj Ahmad Khan said the Durah Pass, which remained a major trade route between Pakistan and Afghanistan for more than a decade, was closed in 2006.

He said like Torkham border, Shah Salim area was a commercial hub as a market was established there for the items of daily use purchased by the people of Badakhshan.

Trader Mian Asif said Badakhshan had large goat and sheep population and the border opening would ensure adequate mutton quantity in Chitral. .. Source

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