Chitral News Briefs

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03 July 2022: Dozens of vehicles carrying tens of hundreds of visitors to Shandur on their return back were stranded at two points where mountain streams burst out with flash floods at Harchin and Shaidas gol. The route was not open till filing of this news Sunday night.

02 July 2022: On the second day of Shandur Polo festival, Chitral C team beat Gilgit C team by 11 goals to 2. In the second match Chitral B team beat Gilgit B team by 8 goals to 2. In the third friendly match Gilgit officers beat Chitral Officers team by 3 goals to 1. The final match between Chitral A team and Gilgit A team will be held tomorrow.

01 July 2022: On the first day of the Shandur Polo festival, Laspur beat Ghizer by 15 goals to 4. In the other match Gilgit D team beat Chitral D team by 6 goals against 4. In the third match Mastuj beat Yasin by 7 goals to 6 in the extended time. Despite the petrol price escalation making travel expensive, the event was well attended by spectators from both sides.

30 June 2022: Ehsanul Haq Jan, son of Shamsyar Lal of Booni lost his life in a traffic accident in the USA. Ehsan, a talented and senior UN official was living with his family in New Jersey where the accident took place. 

29 June 2022: Muhammad Irfanuddin has been posted as Additional Deputy Commisioner Lower Chitral, while Fida Ul Karim has been posted as Additional Deputy Commissioner Upper Chitral.

23 June 2022: A queer situation has developed in the context of Shandur festival this year. Earlier it would be statements from petty politicians on Gilgit side claiming Shandur to be theirs, but this year the drama has risen to next level, where the Chief Minister of GB and the Chief Minister of KP have invited each other claiming to be the host for the tournament. Interesting drama is expected ahead. The situation well depicts the state of fiasco in governance of Pakistan at all levels.

22 June 2022: Vehicular density in Chitral bazars and transport terminals has reduced markedly after the giant leap in fuel prices. Only exception being official vehicles running on free provided fuel, which have however not been affected. 

21 June 2022: Freak weather phenomenon, like the freak economic situation in Pakistan, has affected Chitral with snowfall at Shandur top, Terich, Melp and other high lying valleys of the twin districts, on 21 June, otherwise supposed to be one of the hottest and longest days in Pakistan.

20 June 2022: Wazirzada, Advisor to the Chief Minister has been appointed as President of the PTI Insaf Minority Wing in KP.

13 June 2022: Chitral ‘A’ team beat Scouts ‘A’ team to the lift Chief Minister’s polo trophy at the Chitral Polo ground. It was after three decades that any self sponsored civil society team beat the officially sponsored Chitral Scouts team in the finals which hitherto would regularly win the final round as if by default. Record crowd of specatators witnessed the final match.

31 May 2022: Dr Wali Khan, the first Kalash medical graduate hailing from Bumburet has take charge as EPI coordinator Upper Chitral.

22 May 2022: Bushra Faizi d/o Dr Inayatullah Faizi of Chitral has successfuly obtained her PhD degree from Hamad Bin Khalifa University Qatar in Islamic Finance and Economics.

21 May 2022: Eminent international economic academic, Prof.Dr Tariqullah of Morder upper Chitral has been awarded the third prize by the Islamic Develeopment Bank for Impactful Acievement in Islamic Economics. The first and second prize went to Prf Habib Ahmad and Prof Mansur Masih respectively.

15 May 2022: Two Chitrali lawyers have been elected to High court positions. Rah mullah Chitrali belonging to Khot upper Chitral has been elected as General Secretary Swat Darul Qaza and Saifullah Mangol belonging to Booni has been elected as member Executive Commitiee Peshawar High Court.

13 May 2022: A German couple, Patte and Diana both 40, reached Chitral after travelling through 29 countries on their bikes. They traversed through Chek Republic, Italy, Greece, Georgia, Armenia, Kirghizistan, Uzbekistan, Turkey and Iran to name some. From here they plan to crossover Shandur pass into GB for onwards travel.

08 May 2022: Unprecedented number of domestic tourists visited Chitral during Eid holidays and more are pouring in. Infrastructure i.e roads and residential/boarding facilities were not adequate to cater for the influx and the problem will likely increase in future unless some solid planning and efficient execution of the plan is put in place to check the tourism mayhem.

01 May 2022: In a unique case of dacoity, a tailor shop in Islamabad was looted at gun point by two bandits who made away with stitched Eid suits and unstitched cloth worth Rs seven lacs, the tailor reported.

23 Apr 2022: In a novel case of theft, thieves disengaged an electric transformer from the pole and brought it down. thereafter they stole the expensive internal parts of the transformer and left the dummy cover there, This happened at Broze, 15 km south of Chitral town.

21 Apr 2022: In ‘Battle of the Banks’, UBL has overtaken HBL in terms of profitability. UBL reported a profit of Rs. 9.3 billion as against HBL, which reported a profit of Rs. 8.6 billion in the first quarter of 2022. The profit before tax of UBL stood at Rs. 15.7 billion compared to HBL’s Rs. 14.6 billion.

19 Apr 2022: Chitral bankers have demanded the restoration of five day week working model which has been abolished for a six day work week schedule announced by the new government.

26 Mar 2022: Zafar Hayat Advocate (JI) was elected District President Bar Association Lower Chitral by securing 35 votes against Niaz a Niazi advocate of PMLN who secured 31 votes. Similarly Sajidullah Advocate of PMLN was elected Gen Secy edging Mirdullah Jan Advocate of PPP.

20 Mar 2022: PTI leader and former Tehsil Nazim Sartaj Ahmad Khan has urged upon voters to vote for PTI candidates at all tiers so that development works in the two districts are not adversely affected. He was addressing a press conference along with senior PTI leader Altaf Gohar Advocate and available candidates of PTI.

17 Mar 2022: Chitral press club has invited candidates for the Tehsil Mayorship of the four tehsils of Chitral to present their programs and face questions at their mahraka program.

05 Mar 2022: Babu Muhammad, more known as a tour guide par excellence, an icon of Chitral tourism and pioneer of mountain trekking in Chitral, passed away at his home in Mroi village, due to cardiac arrest. He was bed ridden since quite sometime.

27 Feb 2022:  PIA has announced resuming it’s twice a week flight from Islamabad to Chitral, on Fridays and Mondays w.e.f 18 March 2022.. The one hour flight will depart Islamabad at 11.15 hrs and depart Chitral at 13 00 hrs., respectively.

26 Feb 2022: Shahzada Maqsood ul Mulk has been elected Chairman Kalash Valley Development Board, at a meeting of the concerned authorities and stake holders, with Special Assistant to PM WazirZada, in the Chair.

14 Feb 2022: Fourth Hindukush Snow Sports festival was held in Madaklasht participated by skiers and snow boarders. Canadian High Commissioner also visited the festival and appreciated the healthy initiative. Snow sports is gaining popularity in Chitral which is a positive development.

08 Feb 2022: A two day winter sports festival comprising mostly of skiing was held at the Qaqlasht plateau Mulkhow upper Chitral. Commissioner Malakand division was Chief guest on the concluding ocasion while heads of District Administration, Police and Scouts Wng Commander were also present, besides many spectators,

04 Feb 2022: Six of the eleven lawyers who had cleared the written exams for the post of Civil Judge/Judicial magistrate held by the KP Public service Commission in November 2021 have finally been recommended for being inducted in the Judiciary in the afore mentioned post. The successful candidates incude Advocates, Masroor Nadir Taj, Saiful Islam, Fahim Ahmad, Tanzeelur Rahman, Qazi Mahboob and Arsalan Ahmad.

28 Jan 2022: Two Pak Army soldiers belonging to Chitral lost their lives in the line of duty in two days. Earlier L/Nk Abdul Karim Shah of Koghuzi had fallen to an IED blast at Arandu border. Two days later Sepoy Sohrab Khan of Parkusap Mastuj lost his life to an IED blast at Domel Razmak Waziristan.

28 Jan 2022: Centenarian Aziz Abdul Aleem of Booni has passed away at age 103. He came in the limelight last year as being the oldest person to catch Coronavirus and recover from it.

23 Jan 2022:  NCOC has decreed that only fully vaccinated persons would be allowed to enter mosques and religious venues. Needless to say that the order will be treated as rubbish by all and sundry aka “jootay ki noke pe rakha jaye ga’.

18 Jan 2022: As reported in facebook posts, marijuana laceed with heroin is being sold in both the districts of Chitral multilying the health damaging property of marijuana (charas) a commonly consumed narcotic in Chitral particularly among the youth.

17 Jan 2022: Prominent political figure and son of Shahzada Mohiudin, Shahada Khalid Parvez has formally joined the PPP after meeting chairman Bilawal Bhutto in the presence of provincial president Najmuddin at Islamabad. He has earlier been a part of the APML and PML(N).

17 Jan 2022: Zeeshan Ahmad Shah s/o Sardar Ahmad Shah of Chumurkhon village lower Chitral has earned admission in Pittsburgh State University (Kansas, USA) in the MS(IT) program.

11 Jan 2022: Both Chitral districts get new Deputy Commissioners. Muhammad Anwar ul Haq has replaced Hasan Abid as Deputy Commissioner Lower Chitral and Manzoor Ahmad Afridi has replaced Muhammad Ali Khan as Deputy Commissioner Upper Chitral, according to a notification of the establishment department.

08 Jan 2022: Local court has issued a stay order for 14 days stopping the ongoing construction work of the five star BeJan Hotel on complaints from residents of the neighbouring village that their houses have become exposed to the high rise building compromising on the privacy of their home premises.

02 Jan 2022: Two young men in their mid twenties namely Abdul Wadood and Salman from Chew dok and Seen lasht respectively were found dead in the guard room of a telecom tower where they had stopped to spend the night after it started snowing on their way back from picnic at Birmoghlasht. Cause of the deaths is being investigated and so far is suspected generator gas leakage in the room.

01 Jan 2022: House of one Mian Maqsood Ali Shah was gutted by fire  due to electric short circuit in Chitral city village of Rehankot. The fire was put out with the help of the local fire brigade and volunteer helpers.

01 Jan 2022: A young boy of 9 years belonging to Ursoon valley was critically injured when the cell phone he was using for games exploded in his hands,. According to a picture by ‘’, the cellphone is of the ‘Q mobile brand.

31 Dec 2021: Members of Chitral Press Club retained it”s sitting cabinet for the year per following existing order :  President Zahiruddin, SVP Saifur Rahman Aziz, VP Mian Asif Ali Shah, Gen Secy Abdul Ghafar khan, Treasurer Noor Afzal and Office Secy Syed Nazir Hussain Shah.

22 Dec 2021: Dr Fayaz Ali Roomi has been appointed as District Health Office (DHO) lower Chitral . his predecessor Dr Shahzada hader Ul Mulk has been post to DG Health office Peshawar.

15 Dec 2021: Victorious Chitral Football team recieved a deserved tumultous welcome on returning to Chitral after the win. From Ashret to Drosh to Broz to chumarkhon and otrher places, people greeted them with garlands. Police and Scouts personnel also showed their representation in the welcome.A reception was later held at DC office to honour the winners.

14 Dec 2021: A record twenty students from Chitral have got admission to the Khyber Medical University Peshawar in MBBS and BDS faculties.on open merit basis. Many of them being are from the AK Schools. 

14 Dec 2021: Heard there is no ‘free lunch’ but here is an actual free dinner for real . The premier bus service between Chitral and Islamabad/Peshawar, the ‘Hindukush Express’ has announced that it would be providing free dinner to it’s passengers travelling up and down at the Chakdara stopover.

12 Dec 2021: Chitral foot ball team has won the Ufone 4G Football Cup Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Championship  by beating Mardan team 1-0. at the Peshawar stadium. The goal was scored by Chitral forward Khaliquzaman. with a header, off a pass from striker Mohammad Rasool.

12 Dec 2021: A paraglider Shahidullah belonging to Warijun Mulkhow was injured when his parachute got entangled in a tree while landing. He was moved to the Booni AK medical centre, after being administered first aid. Paragliding is becoming a popular sport with Chitralis who can afford it.

11 Dec 2021: UAE budget airline ‘Fly Dubai’ has submitted application with the CAA to allow it to operate international flights to Skardu.

10 Dec 2021: First time a Kalasha girl has been admitted to a Medical College. Tajeena Bibi has been admitted to the KMC in the Doctor of Physiotherapy faculty.

08 Dec 2021: PIA has tacitly suspended Flights to Chitra till 28 Feb 2022. An employee said the suspension was because of flights being operated with less occupancy than was considered feasible by the airline. However a traveller said he couldn’t get ticket from Islamabad to Chitral last on the pretext of flights being ;fully booked; for two weeks.

05 Dec 2021: President Chitral Press Cub and prominent leader of Jamat Islami Zahiruddin Ajiz has announced relinquishing JI and Joining PTI at a press conference attended by PTI leaders, in Chitral.

30 Nov 2021: Prof Jamil Ahmed belonging to Oveer upper Chitral, was on Tuesday elected as the president of Peshawar University Teachers Association (PUTA). Muhammad Iqbal was elected as the general secretary of the association.

22 Nov 2021: Sub Divisional Police Officer Mulkhow, Abdul Muzaffar Shah has passed away after brief illness. He was laid to rest in his home village, Saht Mulkhow.

17 Nov 2021:  Mother of Bashir Ahmad, prominent journalist and Editor of has passed away at age 73.

17 Nov 2021:  Advocate Samsam Ali form Dizg Yarkhoon, residing in Karachi has become the first lawyer from Chitral to be enrolled as eligible to practice at the Supreme court of Pakistan.

13 Nov 2021:  Governor KP Shah Farman says Chitral can become prosperous in three years by cultivating Olives and Saffron. He was addressing farmers in Jinjiret Drosh, where he visited on Saturday.

13 Nov 2021:  Mother of Molana Abdul Akbar Chitrali who passed away in Peshawar was laid to rest at ancestral village Broze Goldeh.

12 Nov 2021:  District Lower Chitral became the second district  in the province after Peshawar where institution and copying branch of district judiciary was connected to information management system (IMS) giving an easy and ready access to the litigants.

11 Nov 2021: Retd Suptd Islahuddin, of Drosh has passed away. He was the father of ADC upper Chitral Irfanuddin, Civi judge  Zeeshanuddin, Sayahuddin, and Kaleemuddin Arsalan.

08 Nov 2021: Engineer Taimoor Shah of Drosh, a prominent figure and social worker passed away in Peshawar where he was under treatment. He was the brother of Engr Afzal Shah, Raza Shah, Dr Akbar Shah, and Nasrullah Shah.

06 Nov 2021: Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) Wildlife Department on Thursday auctioned a permit for trophy hunting of a Markhor in Toshi-I game reserve of district Chitral for a record fee of $160,250.

06 Nov 2021:  Prominent non-political cleric and Imam Shahi Masjid Chitral, Qari Shabbir Ahmad has passed away at a hospital in Peshawar. He will be buried in home village Dawashish Jughoor, Chitral town.

04 Nov 2021:  Bashir, Shabir mend fences. Incumbent president Tajar Union Bashir Ahmad and former president Shabir Ahmad addressed a joint press conference announcing burying their differences and decided to work together to serve the traders.

25 Oct 2021:  A mentally disturbed driver crushed two persons including a policeman who were on motorbike in Mastuj area. This highlights the need to strictly check mental status of drivers while issuing them a licence.

22 Oct 2021:  Nizamuddin BPS-21, PMS, belonging to Mori Chitral, has been appointed as Secretary Irrigation KPK. He is known as a well reputed mature and capable member of the beaurocracy.

12 Oct 2021:  The price of snuff (naswar) has taken a high jump in Chitral with it’s price doubled from Rs 10 to Rs 20 a pinch. One former councillor has formally protested the hike and demanded the ‘luxury’ of the poor be brought back to its old price.

12 Oct 2021: Gram Chashma steel bridge at Droshp collapsed under the load of a potato laden truck, this morning , severing the only road link of Garam Chashma valley with the rest of Chitral. No loss of life was reported in the accident.

08 Oct 2021:  A new high class bakery namely ‘Hindukush Bakers and Sweets’ has opened in Chitral City at Byepass road, Ataliq bazar. adjacent new Bank of Khyber building. The new addition will go well to provide healthy competition to existing bakeries, tor the benefit of consumers.

07 Oct 2021:  3000 year old bones of people and artifacts in graves have been unearthed in Singoor village of Chitral town. According to Archeologist Abdul Hameed, the bones would be sent to USA for DNA and age verification.

06 Oct 2021: A 19 year old male patient from Garam Chashma has been diagnosed with Dengue fever, the first in Chitral district in recent times.

28 Sep 2021: Chitrali girl Shahana Aziz d/o Abdul Aziz from Shotkhar Torkhow has got admission in University of Gdansk Poland on Scholarship from “International Centre for Theory of Quantum Technologies”.

22 Sep 2021: In a first, PASI Dilshad Pari has been posted as SHO Shoghore Lower Chitral. She is the first Chitrali police woman to achieve this distinction.

22 Sep 2021: Ms Noorina Sultan of Kargin, Mastuj, has shown her prowess in Archery, athlete, mass wrestling and gymnastics. She has taken part in National competitions and won many awards for her achievements.

16 Sep 2021: Three day National Paragliding Championship will be held at Qaqlasht plateau and Zani pass, from 01 Oct to 03 Oct as reported by a local website ‘’.

15 Sep 2021: Gul Bahar Khan from Yarkhun has been appointed as General Manager National Bank of Pakistan at Islamabad. He is an Executive vice President at the bank. 

15 Sep 2021: A female passenger was killed while her child and driver were injured when their car skidded and fell off the road at Nagar. The vehicle was coming from Swat to Chitral.

14 Sep 2021: PPP announces new office bearers: For Lower Chitral, Engr Fazl e Rabbi has been appointed President, while Qazi Faisal Ahmad and Nizar Wali Shah have been appointed Gen Secy and Information Secy respectively. Similary for Upper Chitral Amirullah has been appointed President, while Hamid Jalal and Syed Kausar Ali Shah have been appointed Gen Secy and Information Seccy respectively.

12 Sep 2021: Wazirzada the Kalash MPA and Advisor to the Chief Minister on Minority Affairs , has contracted Corona as per his medical test at the Hayat Abad Medical Complex. He is under treatment for the Virus infection.

12 Sep 2021: An 18 year old youth Amjad Alam of Singoor village Chitral town committed suicide by hanging with a ceiling fan. Family says he had mental problems and was under treatment since one month.

07 Sep 2021: PIA has discontinued the Wednesday flight from Islamabad to Chitral quietly without any notification. Now there are only two flights between Islamabad and Chitral i.e on a Monday and a Friday.

02 Sep 2021: Leading and well known ophthalmologist of KP, Shahzada Dr Khurshid Ul Mulk of Mizhigram Chitral has opened a full time clinic and Eye diagnostic center at shahi plaza opposite police lines Chitral. He has been holding summer eye camps in Chitral since 1985 and treated hundreds of poor patients free of charge.

29 Aug 2021: A tourist from Karachi Rahim Essani who had come to vist his friend in Shoghore village, lost his life after he jumped into the Chitral river at Denin Adda, reportedly due to an epileptic attack.

29 Aug 2021: A new gymnasium name ‘Chitral Fitness Club’ has opened in Jang Bazar Chitral city. This is the second such club after ‘BodyFit Gym Chitral’ to open in town. Considering the enthusiasm of youngsters in body building and health enhancement activities, at least two to three more such gyms are urgently needed in Chitral city area.

29 Aug 2021: Dr Fayaz Ali Roomi has been appointed as Deputy DHO upper Chitral in grade 18. Dr Roomi holds a Master of Public health degree from Australia.

28 Aug 2021: A Chitrali gemstone trader Hafiz Muhammad Idrees hailing from Ayun but living in Peshawar was shot dead by an unknown assailant, while returning home from work in Peshawar

27 Aug 2021: A Kalash youth from Rumbur, Mir Zahil Shah, has successfuly passed the KP provincial Service examination for Lecturership in political science. He is the first Kalash to achieve such distinction.

26 Aug 2021: A woman and her extra marital lover were sentenced to life imprisonment for murdering the husband of the woman in Brep village of upper Chitral. The incident occurred in 2017 and it took four years to receive justice in this case of infidelity and murder.

25 Aug 2021: Purported suicide of a woman in Shishi Kuh village of Drosh turned out to be actually a case of murder. Husband of the woman after being arrested and investigated confessed that he suspected his wife of being unfaithful and therefore strangled her to death and threw her body in the river.

20 Aug 2021: Jamshed Iqbal, son of Muhammad Iqbal, from Chumarkhon, a forester, lost his life after falling into a ravine. He was returning after attending to a fire breakout in the Chumarkon gol forest, when he slipped in a dicey track which cost him his life. PM, CM besides others have paid tributes to the deceased for scarificing his life in the line of duty. 

12 Aug 2021: A 45 year old female belonging to Kosht village Upper Chitral committed suicide by jumping into the river. The lady was said to be suffering from some mental illness and had been under treatment in Karachi earlier for the same ailment.

11 Aug 2021: Two sisters belonging to Shamsabad village of Drosh lost their lives to the Chitral river. The younger sister 17 jumped into the river to commit suicide while her elder sister tried to save her but she too was washed away by the water.

08 Aug 2021: Jamat Islami’s former Amir and two times District council Chairman Haji Maghfirat Shah is poised to leave Jamat Islami, it is being speculated. His absence from the party’s rally starting in Chitral and proceeding to Waziristan last Friday was conspicuous. 

08 Aug 2021: Chitralis are complaining that it has become a norm with the government of not fulfilling it’s pledges of payments to individuals against land compensation dues, contract pledges, hotel bills, transport bills etc. The affectees have to run from pillar to post and even approach the courts for payments of their dues which should be a routine matter.

06 Aug 2021: A woman originally belonging to Torkhow but living in Arhian Chitral town has been arrested after complaints that she was defrauding people on promises of giving them jobs etc. Her husband also is suspected of being her accomplice. Similarly police sources said they are in search for another woman on similar complaints from the affectees. 

05 Aug 2021: Chitrali boxer Aurangzeb Alam belonging to Barenis Lower Chitral has been slected as captain Azad kashmir boxing team. he has many victories and medals to his credit.

01 Aug 2021: PMS office Minhas uddin belong to Chitral town has been promoted to grade 19 He has served as ADC lower Chitral and currently serving as District monitoring officer. Meanwhile Abdul Wali Khan another PMS officer serving as ADC has been promoted to grade 18 while Maqbool Azam XEN has also been promoted to grade 18.

29 Jul 2021: wef 01 August, passengers travelling by airlines will have to show Corona vaccination certificates at the airport check in counters. At least first dose of the vaccine has been declared mandatory to travel by air.

28 Jul 2021: Shahzada Iqbal Baig Qoqandi has passed away. He was the father of Shahzadi Sofia Beg Illahi, Shahzada Imran Beg, father in law of Shahzada Aman ur Rahman and Shahzada Nizam ul Muk and brother of Begum Shahzada Suleiman.

28 Jul 2021: Corona virus cases situation in upper Chitral is worse than the one that meets the eye. A source from Mastuj said about 30 diagnosed cases of the disease are being treated there.

26 Jul 2021:  The Yarkhun Power road connection with the rest of Chitral has been severed due to flash floods.

26 Jul 2021:  K2 Treks and Tours has reported on its Facebook page that a rope fixing team has found the dead body of Muhammad Ali Sadpara, renowned mountaineer who had gone missing during a winter K2 expedition.

26 Jul 2021: Forty-six soldiers of the Afghan National Army (ANA) and Border Police were granted “refuge and safe passage” by the Pakistan Army on Sunday at The Arandu border between Chitral and Afghanistan, according to an Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR) statement.

23 Jul 2021: Fatima Changezi a young lady from Gilgit has earned commission in the Pakistan Navy. She is the first female from the area to do so.

23 Jul 2021: Chitral will have an additional weekly flight from Islamabad wef 04 Aug on Wednesdays, it was leant here. This will increase the weekly flights from two to three flights, the other days bang Friday and Monday.

22 Jul 2021:  Eid ul Azha prayers were offered in Eid gahs and Jamaat Khanas all over the two districts with traditional fervour. This year however, animal sacrifice was seen to be in a reduced capacity due to the poor financial status of the general population.

19 Jul 2021:  Eid rush on the roads has caused several accidents and cost five lives in the past few days. In the first accident four persons including a female and a child lost their lives when their passenger van coming from down country fell off the road into the ravine. Yesterday a fielder car going from Booni to Timergara fell into the river at Ashret killing the driver and injuring four passengers. One cause of such accidents may be the new trend of direct driving from upper Chitral to down country without adequate rest and stops.
In another incident a young man belonging to Broze village commited suicide by jumping into the river from Chew bridge Chitral town. Financial problems are quoted to be the reason for the suicide.

09 Jul 2021:  In a tragic incident, three sisters drowned in the river at Karimabad. While washing a carpet by the riverside, one of the sisters slipped and fell into the river. The other two also drowned while trying to save her.

05 Jul 2021: A mentally disturbed man age 35 opened fire from a hotel upper floor near the polo ground in Chitral town and killed a passerby who happened to be an Afghan muhajir. Police promptly acted and overpowered the killer. Investigation is in progress.

02 Jul 2021: A teenager has called it a day by jumping into the river at Miragram2. Seventeen year old student Janbaz, ended his life by drowning himself in the Yarkhun river. His body was later retrieved.

02 Jul 2021: Uncle of Wazirzada Special Assistant to CM, passed away in Rumbur Kalash valley. It may be noted that the deceased had converted to Islam sometime back and his funeral rites were performed in the Islamic way.

30 Jun 2021: Muhammad Ali has been posted as DC upper Chitral. Prior to his new posting he was serving in PDA.

28 Jun 2021: Mother of Tanveer Ahmad Inspector Customs, of Balach Chitral town has passed away due to cardiac arrest.

28 Jun 2021: Prominent personality of Mastuj, Hakim Akbar Ali of Chaparhi has passed away. He was the father of Zulfiqar Ali, Amjad Ali, Mazhar Ali, Shujaat Ali Bahader and Muhammad Ali.

26 Jun 2021: Irum Nawaz, daughter of Gul Nawaz Khan of village Koghuzi Chitral, has passed Bachelors in software engineering with honours by getting “Golden Tassels”(gold medal) From Kennesaw State University Georgia USA. ..(source: POC)

20 Jun 2021: President Polo Association Chitral, Shahzada Sikandar Ul Mulk has announced that the Polo Association will conduct the Annual Shandur polo festival at a local level with their own and local resources after the government announced cancellation of the festival this year. He said Shandur festival was an important part of our culture and cannot be ignored.

20 Jun 2021: A fifteen year old  girl, student of 9th class, has committed suicide by jumping into the river at Sonoghar village of upper Chitral. She took her life after some petty altercation in her house. This the eighth case of suicide in the past 20 days, it is reported.

19 Jun 2021: Lt.Col Faisal Qayum, s/o Dr Fazal Qayum of Denin Chitral has been promoted to the rank of a Colonel in the Pakistan Army.

14 Jun 2021: Dr. Ihsan Ullah Jan a resident of Sarghuz (Mastuj), Upper-Chitral has successfully defended his PhD dissertation at the Department of Business Administration, Hanbat National University, South Korea.

12 Jun 2021: Molana Muhammad Ashraf, father of Dr Inayatullah Faizi has passed away at age 99. He had participated in the Kashmir Liberation war in 1948 alongside Maj Tufail Shaheed (NH).

10 Jun 2021: A young man has committed suicide by jumping into the river at village Sonoghor of upper Chitral. In another incident a person was washed away along with his vegetable laden donkey by the waves of icy Bumburet stream while trying to cross it.

07 Jun 2021: Two married women have reportedly committed suicide in upper Chitral within two days. The first victim, a 32 year old from Avi drowned herself in the river, while the second lady a 25 year old from Brep ended her life with a shotgun fire. Investigations are underway in both the cases.

06 Jun 2021: A Chinese Engineer named Zhuhengshu working at a mine in Kushum upper Chitral has converted to Islam and married a Kashmiri lady working in the same company. The new-convert has named himself ‘Muhammad Muavia’… coutesy Chitral Vlogs

02 Jun 2021: Mother of Shahzada Riaz Jilanee (late), Shahzada Nisar Jilanee and Shahzada Dr Faiz Ahmad Jilanee has passed away in Bumbagh Upper Chitral, after a protracted illness.

30 May 2021: Senator Falak Naz from Chitral has been appointed as the Chairperson of Nation Commission for Status of Women. This was notified by the National Assembly Secretariat.

25 May 2021: Yet another teenage girl, a student of BS belonging to Parkusap village of tehsil Mastuj called it a day by hanging herself. Cause of the suicide is being ascertained. Suicide cases particularly of young educated girls is increasing, specially in upper Chitral and immediate attention to the tragic trend is needed to arrest the trend.

25 May 2021: A representative meeting of Terichmir Drivers Union Chitral held in the Union office Chitral town, reposed confidence in the sitting president Sabir Ahmad Sabir and re-elected him as president of the Union for the next three years.

16 May 2021: Professor Dr Mir Kalan Shah, the first PHd laureate from Chitral and ex Professor Peshawar University has passed away in Peshawar after a brief illness.

16 May 2021: Prominent poet, writer and ex football player and VP district football Association, Sadiqullah has passed away due to cardiac arrest in Singoor Chitral town.

09 May 2021: Wife of leading Ophthalmologist of KP, Dr Shahzada Khurshid ul Mulk, passed away in Peshawar after a brief illness. She will be laid to rest at Mizhigram, Lotkooh.

09 May 2021: Veteran teacher Master Husain ullah of Mustajapandeh Chitral town passed away after a brief illness. He was the father of Senator Falak Naz, Major Fahimullah and Shazad Alam.

06 May 2021: Abdul Akram (PMS-BS 18) from Chitral, has been appointed as Additional secretary Elementary and Secodary Education in his own pay and scale.

27 Apr 2021: Chitrali hotel and transport business to lose a lot of revenue due to ban on tourism during the Eid holidays and Kalash spring festival which together fall fin the period from 12 to 17 May..

26 Apr 2021: Chitrali students who manage to get admission on merit in the prestigious Govt College University, Lahore, will be fully funded by the institution to carry out their studies. This was told by the Vice Chancellor of the University while talking to Journalist Gul Hamad Farooqi from Chitral.

20 Apr 2021: Amir of Tableeghi Jamaat Chitral, Qazi Nisar Ahmad (Junalio Qazi) has passed away in Chitral.

20 Apr 2021: An eighteen year old boy Haider Ali s/o Noor Zaman was killed by unknown assassin at his home in Moreder, upper Chitral, in the wee hours on Sunday night. According to latest reports the assassin has been arrested by the police and confessed to his crime

19 Apr 2021: Engr Abdul Qadir of Shagram Torkhow has passed away. He was the father of Dr Muhammad Farooq, Prof Umar Farooq and Mumtaz Farooq.

19 Apr 2021: Ali Haider of Morder Mulkhow has passed away after a protracted illness. He was the father of Afsar uddin.

16 Apr 2021: The Counter Terrorism department  (CTD) of Lower Chitral Police apprehended a member of a banned organisation, Jaish e Muhammad, belonging to Afghanistan and recovered a large amount of weapons and other explosives from him. 

14 Apr 2021: A Ninety year old Kalash gentleman named Deby Khan has announced relinquishing his ancestral faith and converting to Islam, on the first day of Ramazan. His new name now is Hazrat Bilal.

12 Apr 2021: Begum Shahzada Maj Mohyuddin of Mizhigram has passed away at Peshawar. She was the mother of Brig. Shahzada Shujaul Mulk, Dr Khurshid Ulmulk, Shahzada Raza UlMulk, Begum Shahzada Shuja UrRahman (late) and Dr Fatima. 

09 Apr 2021: Retired Assistant Commissioner Zahiruddin Babar has passed away.

09 Apr 2021: NRSP Microfinance branch has opened a contact office in Booni which will be attached to their main branch in Chitral city. Manger of Chitral branch naeem Ahmad said more such offices will be opened in Drosh, Garam Chashma and Mastuj.

08 Apr 2021: DSP Zafar Ahmad Khan of Chitral has been posted as Acting SP Special Branch Peshawar Region along with additional duties of SP Survey.

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