Can We Expect Better Governance From the Young Blood?

Dear Sir,
I read a recent news report in which the District Police Officer while addressing a gathering of police personnel emphasized the importance of justice and fairness. He warned the police men and women that if they misuse their authority and commit injustice they shall come under the curse of the aggrieved and Allah Almighty will not spare them.

It was a pleasant surprise and a very inspiring piece to read such words from a young police officer. Is it that the young generation is better (in general) when matters of? justice and fair play come up and where the basic principles of humanity are concerned. Is it that exposure to knowledge, information, expression, making a positive change in the up bringing of the fresh generation.? Is it that the world is moving towards being a better place in general? May be I’m feeling too optimistic.? Thanks??.. from Ehsanullah, Chitral 16 Jan 2019

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