Better than poisoning: Stray dogs to be castrated in Peshawar

?.. by? Abdul Rahman?

More than 5,000 stray dogs to be neutered in Peshawar

A one-year project to neuter more than 5,000 stray dogs has been launched in Peshawar.

The district government has given the project Rs15 million. Teams of the Department of Livestock and the Water and Sanitation Services Companies Peshawar will take part in the project.

?This will stop the reproduction of dogs in the city,? said District Livestock Director Dr Masoom Shah. ?When they will not give birth, it will curb the population of dogs,? he said.

Along with vaccinations, tagging of these dogs is also underway.

?Once they are neutered, numbers are tagged on the ears of the dogs,? Dr Shah said. ?The numbers will be recorded in our books as well,? he added.

With the vaccination of the dogs, huge amounts of money spent on anti-rabies vaccines will be saved, according to the health department.

Rabies has been on a rise across the country this year. In Sindh, more than 22 people lost their lives because of it and several others were injured.

Animal rights activists have called on the government not to cull dogs and vaccinate them instead.? ?.. Source

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