Avoidable Confusion Surrounding Golen Power Breakdown Regrettable

Chitral: The four day electricity crisis in Chitral town due to breakdown of power supply from the 107 Mw Golen Gol power station, seems to have ended, for the time being at least. This was disclosed by the MNA who on telephone informed the journalists about it. He profusely thanked the Chairman Wapda, Member power, Pesco chief etc for carrying out their primary duty.

The problem with Chitral and Chitralis is that whenever there is breakdown of any essential service nobody moves until the people come out on the roads, launch protests and threaten disruption of law and order. Why is this so?

Why do government institutions and organisations not carry out their duties as a routine matter?. Why have people to protest for every small thing?

The rumours that the 30 Mw grid station reserved for Chitral had been connected to the national grid is also a case in point. Such rumours come up and are flared because there is no clear cut announcement made by the competent authority about the facts. Similar rumours about the Lowari tunnel also keep cropping up because no official announcement about the progress of the work or opening of the tunnel are made leaving people to guess for themselves.

Good governance does not cost any money. It only needs strict supervision and the practice of reward and punishment.

Our public representatives also should not jump to thank government functionaries for carrying out their primary duties. In this way the weightage of the Chitrali people is reduced in the eyes of these people and they expect us to ‘Do More”?Vis-?-vis praising them and begging from them. .. CN report, 25 Jan 2019

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