A crippled generation- the gift of super powers

.. by Prof. R.K Baig

The People of my age are eye witnesses to the influx of Afghan refugees when they entered our country in the late 70s and early 80s. When they came they were strong men and women as hardly any cripple could travel in such hurry in emergency when Russians entered their mother land in great haste but now, when they have already left the deadly battle field and have returned to their country it is reported that the present Afghan society is a crowd of cripples – all kind of them, men , women, children, girls, boys and even wild life as a result of the bomb blasts and mines. An eye witness told me the other day that he had seen a very large number of the Afghan population who are now dependent on their families and relatives for no sin of their own but because of the insane intervention of aggressors, their bombs, hand grenades, mines etc. as well as the counter actions of the Afghan Mujahideen, US aided hirelings, members of Osama?s teams etc.? that left the unlucky generation a crowd of cripples without any help from? the civilized? world.

The reporter who roamed about in a number of valleys, villages, hamlets, pastures, wildernesses, forests etc. saw a great number of handicapped kids, youth, men ,women, old men, ex soldiers, ex Mujahids who fought against Russia, who fought against Taliban, who fought against another war Lord and his mercenaries; the human tragedy is too? great to be gauged, estimated or counted for reasons of land mines that are still scattered about under the Afghan soil. The blood stained soil of Afghanistan is now carrying the half dead bodies of the cripples who are now burden on their relatives, the poor economy of their country and the tragedy is that the US / NATO Forces care nothing for this crippled and damaged? generation but are focused on targeting the fighters who have harassed the intruders in every nook and corner of the country.

From Badaxan in the north to Qandahar in the south, from Nooristan in the east to Mazar ? Sharif in the west, the merciless grip and fear of the Taliban fighters sends current of dread and fright through the spine of the white soldiers who were sent here not to fight a deadly, highly trained native fighters but only to? restore and keep peace in and around Kabul city to provide protection to the puppet regime but this presence of NATO failed to do any good for the unlucky country-? production of opium multiplied many times over, Hashish production increased beyond storing capacity and naturally it reached the NATO ? yellow ? soldiers who took to smoking as it was freely available and they were mentally for it under the current conditions, and neglected their duties and surrendered the tracts of lands to Taliban. They became addicted and carried the gift to their countries after their tenure and spread it in the West and globalized it. The cripples neither smoke nor deal in this business as they are unable to do so. The present AFGHAN? generation is a? nation of handicaps and will not be able to reassemble and develop their war torn infra structure unless peace comes, nor will they generate any thing of value so the burden is likely to fall on the shoulders of? the neighbours. All is the outcome of US miscalculation of the devastations of war – a war that is too bad to be brought to estimated? limits.The role of USA has globally worsened peaceful societies and devastated many beautiful countries.? .. Prof R.K Baig, Chitral 20 Feb 2019

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