Whom can we call corrupt?

CHITRAL: At one stage during the last four decades of Pakistan’s history, financial corruption had become so common in the government institutions that it almost became an acknowledged norm and was useless talking about it. The nation had accepted financial corruption virtually as a fait accompli.

Came in Imran Khan with a gleam of hope, sloganing vociferously against corruption and with promises of eradicating it in a few months. Unfortunately financial corruption in government institutions has instead increased since then, as claimed by ‘Transparency International’ statistics and as is clearly visible to the common man.

It is time to revisit the definition of corruption by now. If financial corruption is bad, what would one call selling one’s principles to stay in power? Isn’t that too an equally nasty corruption? may be even more harmful to the country.

The recent Senate elections where the government and opposition competed in buying/manipulating votes, is a glaring example that the government of PM Imran Khan has accepted corruption and joined the ‘corrupt’ to beat them in their own game.

Now both the parties are players in the same game, competing to outdo each other in corruption. Specially after the key federal minister boastfully retorted on winning the Senate elections “Hum aadmi hain tumharey jaisey, jo tum karo gey wo hum karen gey”. In other words ‘to catch a thief become a bigger thief’. So, what else is left?. .. CN report,13 Mar 2021

2 thoughts on “Whom can we call corrupt?

  1. Who suffers most due to maladministration and corruption? It is the people at large. True? So if the people do not do anything about it, but just suffer in silence, who will do it.
    It is only the people who can do it and set every malfunction right if they ever have the will to do it.
    The way to do it is for the people to organise. Organise what? Allah commanded faithful people to organise their Jumeeyah and work to eradicate all vice and bring about the rule of virtue through their Jumeeyah. Do we see people to have organised their Jumeeyah in every nook and corner of the country? No, we do not see any? What it means? We do not see people who to obey Allah.

  2. دیار مصر میں دیکھا ہے ہم نے دولت کو
    ستم ظریف پیمبر خرید لیتی ہے

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