US should repent past crimes and stop further interventions

CHITRAL: The United States of America has a malicious history of interventions and interferences in the affairs of  countries all over the world. Whether it be intervention in Chile, starting in 1811, to the current interventions in Iraq, Syria, Libya, Afghanistan etc, (A list of American interventions is given in Wikipedia (Foreign interventions by the United States)

The American governments have always exceeded their limits and gone overboard, when it came to showing off their military power. The amount of money in trillions of dollars spent on destroying other countries, if spent on the betterment of human kind and the world, would have seen todays world a much better place. Raining bombs and missiles on militants and extremists have not proved any successful strategy. If the same money was spent on brainwashing these militants and extremists, there would be no militant or extremist of any kind in the world.

If the money spent on building war machines and weapons of destruction was spent on improving the global climatic environment, on alleviating poverty and on research for betterment of humanity, the world would have saluted the United States today.

Unfortunately what we see today is the US marines damaging their airplanes and vehicles before exiting Kabul as a short trailer of what they have done to the world in general. .. CN report, 13 Sep 2021.

2 thoughts on “US should repent past crimes and stop further interventions

  1. An excellent article on the catastrphic American interventions arround the world under the pretext of either weapons of mass destruction in Iraq or war on terror in Afghanistan. We have witnessed that America destroyed all those countries where it intervened and left the poor people suffering at the end. The world particularly the western allies of the US should not trust and rely on it any more after humiliating and hasty pullout from Afghanistan. The US had attacked and overthrown Taliban regime but handed the power back to them in a unilateral deal after twenty years and without the consent of the NATO allies. Our so called leaders should also learn a big lesson from American betrayal of Afghans and its western allies.

  2. We could say the same thing about Hitler and many before him. What if they went about using the money they spent on destructions, they used it for constructive work. Germany is still a power in Europe and it could have many a grateful nations as friends around her if Hitler went about helping neighbours in constructive ways.
    However when madness overtakes people then people make death and destruction their fate. The USA has strong groups of Mafiosi and these Mafiosi decide peoples’ fate. Why? the people in their folly and thus inaction allow such a thing to happen.
    Why is there Mafiosi and groups of people enslaving the people throughout the world?
    Even when the Almighty commanded people promising to obey no one but the Almighty, to organise their Union (Jumeeyah) in localities where they live, even when the Almighty made intellectuals among the non Muslims to urge people to come together to organise their Peoples’ Union, the people throughout the world can be seen to loving slavery of groups organised to take them slaves.
    Do the others also see what this sinner sees? So the way to avoid having slave takers is in the hands of the people. Is it true that the people of Mudeenah never had a King or a Ruler taking them slaves? Why? The people of Mudeenah never allowed to create the opportunity for any slave taker to crop up. How? They all showed the Kalimah in their deeds and thus joined hands to take the responsibility every Muslim is under obligation to create and run an Islamic State.
    Let us compare this Islamic State with people calling themselves Muslims, suffer slavery after slavery of every human god they allowed to crop up later on, for centuries until to day. Why? They did not obey the Almighty in becoming responsible for creating, maintaining and running the Islamic State they inherited.
    Every Muslim is under obligation to do what the people of Mudeenah did.

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