Youth seeking an environment friendly world

Published on: 26/05/2018 | Comments: 3 comments 

Dear Sir,
I wish to share a pleasant and a healthy experience with your readers.
A freind of mine coming to visit me in Islamabad after a long time, said he had a gift for me in his car. When I discovered what it was I was delighted. He had brought me a plant (a neem plant) as a gift instead of the traditional cake or some other typical present.

My friend who has stayed in Germany for a couple of years said he had been impressed by the mindset of the people there about the environment and future of the world.

He said he plants a tree in his home town at every birthday of his son who is now four years old. He also mentioned that he has just shifted to D-12 sector of Islamabad which is not much developed and he intends to plant trees in the open space of road dividers in his area.

I was very impressed with the noble and healthy thinking of my friend and thought it appropriate to share it.? What however saddened me was that he became environment conscious while staying in a foreign country seeing the attitude of the people there. How wonderful would it be if our people are also made to think in the same way, maybe through religious sermons, government programs, social initiatives and personal examples. .. Fawad Ali Shah, Chitral 26 May 2018