Reasons for the ever increasing trend of suicides in Chitral

For the last so many years, the easy access of the people to the media, both electronic and print, has given an opportunity to them of keeping themselves pasted with the updated news, whatsoever round the clock. Similarly, the vibrant media of the modern era in the form of social media has further expanded the information dissemination to the nook and corner of the world at large. I do not want to go into the detail of what it carries with it as merits or demerits. However, it seems that the merits are overriding and the available and easily accessible modern gadgets have become the easy source of providing updated information and entertainment at the doorstep in cheap and cost effective way.

The availability of such a quick and strong communication linked facility, has not only brought the world closer by shrinking its vast population and structure into a global village but has also, given a chance to the local population to know each other and become a source to stand by for a common cause, if any and vice versa. If, it is again looked at the facility as a worthwhile in the context of Chitral that every news is quickly, before the happening has ceased to exist, brought out and spread like a gun fire which was once, thought a dream by terming it as a news of far flung ?Doderio Khabar? in the local intellect.

For the last 4-5 years, committing a suicide and the rate and ratio of its occurrence among men and women has been the most discussed, published and commonly read news. Every reader, regularly comes across such news; mostly filled with sensational material or of yellow journalism, in not less than a couple of weeks.

A research on the causes leading to persuade a man or woman to suicide, has also been carried out. But the result of the research seems that the control on it is not doable due to the research report, either being biased or sketchy. According to my poor opinion as per the shallow knowledge I have on the topic; the increased rate of committing suicide, there are and may be the following major factors which, are involved:

1.???????On one side, the entertaining world full of galaxy shown live in different electronic media and in the form of flakes and posters in the print media with the view to show to the viewers and readers in a bewitching way and with the pretend that they display the real life and urge the audience and readers to follow that blindly. Most of the viewers, instead of taking this as a source of marketing tool, try to bring it into their real life by making a room in their mind and thought for the castle made in the air. The failure to achieve that castle, results into the extreme decision of ending one?s life.

2.???????On the other side of the coin, a frightening and fearful impression with respect to abiding by the religious responsibilities and obligations, is passed on. That irrational and psychologically and emotionally unacceptable presentation of religious belief, instead of giving a safe passage in getting out of the ambiguity created by the galaxies and lightening world, further aggravates the situation. Thus, a person try to be on two sides goes nowhere.

3.???????In the end, when the turn of the rolling side of the coin comes forth in assortment, that is also, found barbed by the poverty ridden wires rebuffing the inbuilt rolling nature of the coin. Thus, the mentioned factors altogether become the source of doing something in favour or against the human nature.

I, may be wrong in establishing the fact but, at least a serious thought is needed to be given to the factors I have pointed out as per my being present and have grown up in the same society where such happenings are reported and published in order to sort out a best solution combined with the views of the experts, viewers and readers. .. Bashir Ahmad, Muldeh Chitral 01 May 2018

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